How to hide your household eyesores: 8 clever solutions

How to hide your household eyesores? 8 clever solutions

Does your home have household eyesores? Mine surely does! From ugly appliances to spider webs of cables, the visual clutter pollutes our homes.

Fortunately, we can do something about it.

Check out our 8 smart solutions for disguising ugliness in our living spaces.
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How to hide your household eyesores: 8 clever solutions


Make a chalkboard out of your fridge

  • paint the front with a primer
  • paint it with chalkboard paint
  • draw!

Hide wires in boxes

  • get a few decorative boxes
  • cut out a hole on the bottom
  • hide the wires inside!
  • Do not put in the box any devices that heat up or need a fan while working

Build a charging drawer

  • get or build a drawer with a hole for a cord
  • put a power strip in the drawer
  • charge your devices inside the drawer!

Disguise your wifi router

  • remove pages from a book
  • bend the spine out to widen it up
  • place the router inside!
  • Make sure to keep heat vents outside of the cover

Store laundry baskets in drawers

  • get or create a drawer
  • customize it for storing the baskets
  • put the baskets inside!

Renew old vinyl floors with paint

  • select the desired color and pattern
  • clean and paint the floor
  • let it dry!

Enjoy your clutter-free refreshed home!