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Get Closet Envy When You See Mariah Carey’s Walk-In

She opens the tour with the disclaimer "I'm not as casual as most people" and boy does this closet back that statement up! Casual clothes are rare in her wardrobe. (Although we do get a look at one favorite pair of casual shoes.)

Her closet resembles a high-end boutique, complete with multiple aisles of clothing. There’s a whole section of white blouses, a full wall of black tops and skirts, and racks of sunglasses. You also get to see some of her amazing gowns on display throughout the walk-in.

The self-proclaimed shoe fanatic gives us a look at her impressive collection of high-heels. Imagine a whole room filled with floor to ceiling shelves of color coordinated shoes. Even she can’t believe those are all her shoes! And then there’s another whole room just for silky lacey things.

We also get the inside scoop on who gifted her which priceless pieces.  

She talks about a favorite item she keeps from another Hollywood starlet. And she even shares which item in her home is her most prized possession.  

A walk-in of this size allows for some lush décor. Gorgeous pink silk chairs with gold accents, fresh cut flowers and a collection of personal photos can be spotted throughout the closet.  And of course, there are gold stars on the floor.

See all the glamour for yourself on Vogue’s YouTube feed:


Mariah Carey walking closet

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