Gazebo Winter Cover: Convert Hardtop Gazebo Into a Winter Shed!

Hanging out in your gazebo on a warm summer night is one of the best feelings in the world. Allen+Roth has an amazing line of gazebos that I can personally vouch for. (I own the Allen Roth gazebo with a soft-top in the color of beige, myself.) Gazebos are a place where you can hang out with all of your friends and family and just shoot the breeze.

However, winter comes eventually and that is when the gazebo top has to be put away. I always hate when I have to take off my gazebo top since I know that cold, nasty weather is just around the corner! I take the top off of my gazebo before winter, but I have a lot of friends who own Allen and Roth hardtop gazebo and other ones and they don’t remove their tops. Instead, they use a gazebo cover.

Gazebo covers are great because they allow you to keep using your hardtop gazebo during the winter months. An excellent product to use if you also have one is the Winter Cover gazebo cover from Sojag.

Gazebo Winter Cover by Sojag

Gazebo Winter Cover by Sojag is a gazebo cover that can protect a hardtop gazebo during cold weather.

Gazebo Winter Cover: Assembled Look

The cover is made of polyethylene and resembles a tarp that would be used for camping.

The nice thing about using the Winter Cover by Sojag is that it converts your hardtop gazebo into a place for winter storage. If you’ve wondered what to do with your gazebo during unfavorable weather, this Winter Cover is your solution. Simply cover your hardtop gazebo with this gazebo cover and you’ve created a shed-like building that can double as extra storage.

The advantages to using this winter cover are numerous. Besides the fact that it transforms your gazebo into a place of storage, it also protects your gazebo from harsh weather. Snowstorms and freezing rain can damage your gazebo if it is left uncovered. This is why it is such a great idea to buy this cover.

Here are some more details about the Winter Cover by Sojag:

  • It has one door and two windows.
  • The cover is completely water resistant and comes with air vents that help to properly circulate the air.
  • There are eyelets at the bottom of the cover for its poles to go through (similar to a tent.)
  • The cover also comes equipped with bands at each end which attaches the poles to the cover.

Cover Sizes

The Winter Cover comes in a variety of sizes. This way, you are able to pick the cover that is the perfect size for your gazebo:

The sizes fit pretty much all the range of popular gazebos including Allen Roth ones.

Winter Cover Pros

Let’s look at all of the positives of this hardtop gazebo cover.

  • The wide selection of sizes allows you to pick the cover that will best fit your gazebo.
  • The study polyethylene material is sure to keep out water and protect both your gazebo and the items you are storing in it.
  • Vents are sewn into the cover to allow for the proper circulation of air.

Winter Cover Cons

This product doesn’t come without its cons. Here is a list of things that are not so favorable about it:

  • This gazebo cover comes with a hefty price tag. Its functionality and ability to transform your gazebo into a winter storage shed make it worth it, however.
  • The installation of this gazebo cover is a little complicated. I’ll go over the installation procedure in detail, below. It’s a good idea to read up on the process before delving into it.

Find these covers on Amazon: 10′ by 10′ size, 10′ by 12′ size, 12′ by 16′ size.

Gazebo Winter Cover Installation Instructions

As mentioned above, installing your gazebo cover can be a little tricky. I’ve put together this installation procedure how-to guide to help you when installing it.

  1. Take your gazebo cover out of the package and unfold it. Position the cover over your gazebo and line up the longer and shorter sides with their corresponding gazebo walls. Be mindful of the door placement. Don’t install it inside out; make sure that the seams of the cover are on the inside.
  2. Acquire two stepladders and position them on two neighboring corners of the gazebo.
  3. Carefully position the cover over the gazebo. Ensure that you do not put any tears into the material.
  4. If there is any excess material leftover at the bottom of the cover, fold it outwards.
  5. Place weights on top of the excess cover that is folded up. (I’ll discuss a good weight option below!) Ensure that you attach the cover to the ground by placing poles or stakes through its eyelets.

You will need at least two people for this installation. Weights will need to be purchased in addition to the cover to keep it weighted down. There are fixing bolts on the cover that keep the cover attached to the gazebo. When installing your cover, you may need to drill holes into the legs of the gazebo to accommodate these bolts.

Here is a link to the original gazebo cover instructions.

And speaking of the weights… I found some that can go well with this cover.

Weights for Gazebo Winter Cover

As mentioned previously, you are going to need weights to keep your gazebo winter cover grounded. These pool cover weights from Swimline will work wonderfully with the cover.

Weights for Gazebo Winter CoverHere are the specs:

  • They come in a pack of 12 and are 8″ X 4″ X 36″.
  • Polyethylene is the material used to manufacture these weights.
  • You will need four weights for each side of the gazebo cover.
  • The weights can be filled with any material of your choosing, including gravel, dirt or soil.

Weights Pros

There are many positive aspects to these pool cover weights.

  • There are much easier to fill and store compared to traditional water bags.
  • They stack easily and can be stored with ease.
  • The weights are sturdy and can withstand bad weather.

Weight Cons

The cons of the pools weights are as follows.

  • They may come damaged from the manufacturer.
  • The weights are pricey when compared to water bags and empty milk jugs alternatives.

Get these weights on Amazon!

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for a cover for your gazebo, then the winter gazebo cover by Sojag is a great choice. It would fit in perfect with my Allen and Roth by Lowe’s inspired backyard. The ability to transform your gazebo into winter storage is well worth the money spent. You definitely won’t regret buying this integral piece of outdoor decor.