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11 Stunning Lights That Match Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection (Plus 5 Extra Ones!)

Do you own light fixtures from Allen Roth Eastview lighting collection and looking for other pieces to match? Or are you simply in love with the vine lighting decor? If so, this post is for you!

In this post, we will take a look at 11 light fixtures from a vine decor lighting collection and go over their features as well as pros and cons.

But that's not all! On top of that, we found 5 extra ones that match the Allen Roth as well.

Excited? Let's start with the lighting collection!

Vine Lighting Collection

This lighting collection comes with an attractive vine decor that matches Allen Roth Eastview lights. It consists of pretty much any type of lighting a house may need: vanity fixtures, chandeliers, sconces, kitchen lights, a pendant, and flush mounts.

Each fixture has the same oil shale finish and the same amber flake shade color.​

Oil shale finish is a dark brown with rusty streaks that looks unusual and attractive.

The combination of the warm yellow with the dark brown gives the collection a warm and welcoming look that fits any traditional home design.

The collection is available both at Amazon under the Vaxcel lighting brand as Vine Collection and at Lowe's as Cascadia Vine Lighting Collection. However, Lowe's does not carry all the pieces. We will specify below for each item whether Lowe's has it or not.

Semi Flush Mounts

12-Inch 2-Light Semi Flush Mount

This is an attractive semi flush mount with 2 lights and 12 inches in diameter.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Semi Flush Mount

The light is beautiful and easy to install. Each package contains well-written instructions that are easy to follow.


  • easy to install
  • can be mounted as a fan light kit
  • produces a diffuse light with less glare


  • the base of actual items may differ from photo
  • the shade color is more yellow/brown than appears on photo

The fixture can be mounted in two ways: as a semi flush and as a fan light kit. The latter is a big pro since it gives you a possibility to convert your fan into a vine decor piece.

Pro Tip

Before buying the semi mount flush, double-check the dimensions to make sure this is what you want - and you do not need the 15'' version.

As of cons, some customers found that the shade of the light may appear darker than on the photo. Also, the base of the actual fixture differs from the picture; check a photo taken by one of the customers here.

You can find the fixture on Amazon as well as at Lowe's.

15-Inch 2-Light Semi Flush Mount

This is another beautiful semi flush mount with 2 lights and 15 inches in diameter.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Semi Flush Mount

The fixture is bigger than the previous one and can also produce more light thanks to a higher max wattage, 100W. It is beautiful and easy to install thanks to the well-written instructions.

Semi-flush fixtures are great to hang in a hallway or foyer. Just keep in mind that you may need to buy more than one fixture: There should be a fixture every 8 to 10 feet.


  • easy to install
  • can give plenty of light due to 100W max wattage
  • very attractive design


  • the shade color is darker and more yellow/brown than appears on photo
  • the metal finish is more black than brown

Take a note that the actual shade of the light may appear darker than on the photo. Also, the finish of the metal part may look more on the black side than brown.

Pro Tip

Before ordering the fixture, verify the dimensions to make sure this is what you want; and you do not need the 12'' version.

On the plus side, the actual base of this fixture does not differ from the picture unlike the base of the previous semi flush of 12-inch diameter.

You can find the fixture both on Amazon and at Lowe's.


3-Light Shaded Chandelier

The fist fixture in this chandelier collection is a lovely 22-inch light that requires 3 lights.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Chandelier

Despite having only 3 lights, the fixture can provide a lot of light since its max wattage is 100W.

It is suitable for smaller spaces such as a cozy dining room or a small entryway. Before deciding on a chandelier and its size, calculate the dimensions of the room where you plan to add it to. You do not want to end up with a chandelier that looks too small in a big room.


  • the vine decoration over the shades is removable
  • adjustable drop length


  • while overall assembly is easy, putting the socket rings on the sockets might be cumbersome

The drop length is adjustable so you would not have any problems accommodating this chandelier to your space.

While the assembly of the fixture is easy, it might be cumbersome to put socket rings on the sockets.

Pro Tip

While installing the socket rings, do it slowly. Do not put too much pressure on the rings to avoid breaking them.

The shades have removable vine decorations that are not pictured on the image. They can be used to add an extra touch to the overall vine decor.

The chandelier is available both on Amazon and at Lowe's.

5-Light Shaded Chandelier

This fixture is a pretty chandelier that takes 5 bulbs.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Chandelier

The maximum wattage per bulb is 100W so the chandelier can produce a lot of light.


  • adjustable drop length
  • the vine decorations over the shades are removable


  • putting the socket rings on the sockets might be cumbersome

This light is bigger than the previous one and can be hung in more spacious places. Don't hesitate to try it out in unexpected spots such as over your kitchen island - you might be surprised to see how beautiful it looks there.

While the overall assemblage of the light is simple, it might be challenging to place socket rings on the sockets.

Pro Tip

While installing the socket rings, do it gently. Do not apply too much force on the rings to avoid breaking them.

The shades have demountable vine decorations that are not shown on the picture above. Utilize the decorations if you want to add an extra touch to the overall vine decor of your house.

From our point of view, the fixture is quite reminiscent of the original Allen Roth Eastview chandelier.

You can find the fixture on Amazon as well as at Lowe's.

9-Light Shaded Chandelier

With its 9 bulbs, this chandelier is the biggest one among all the chandeliers available in this collection.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Chandelier

It produces plenty of light since each bulb can have a wattage up to 100W.


  • gives plenty of light
  • adjustable drop height
  • accent vine rings that wrap around the shades are removable


  • setting the socket rings might be not easy

The chandelier is suitable for big spaces like a spacious hallway or a living room. If you plan that people will be walking under it, keep in mind it has to be hung at least 7 feet from the ground.

While the overall assembly of the light is easy, it was noticed by the customers that it might be difficult to put socket rings on the sockets.​

Pro Tip

While installing the socket rings on the sockets, do it carefully and slowly. Do not apply too much push on the rings to avoid cracking them.

The shades have removable vine accents that are not pictured in the product photo. Use the accents if you want to add an extra touch to the overall vine decor of your place.

The fixture is available on Amazon only; Lowe's does not have it.

8-Light Foyer Pendant

And the last but not least fixture in this chandelier collection is an elaborately decorated foyer pendant with 8 lights.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Chandelier

Each light can go up to 60W in wattage so the pendant can give a flood of light.


  • beautiful and unique design


  • may be hard to clean

The pendant is perfect for bigger places with high ceilings. When estimating the spot for the fixture, don't forget to properly measure it. The rule of thumb is to that a chandelier hangs at least 7 feet from the floor so that people avoid bumping into it.

With its 2-tier ornamentation, the light will definitely add a feeling of "wow" to your place. However, the fixture might be a bit difficult to clean due to its excessive decor.

It is available only on Amazon; Lowe's does not have it.


1-Light Wall Sconce

This is a beautiful wall sconce that can go anywhere in your house.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Sconce

It can be mounted in damp environments meaning it is suitable for a bathroom. But why limit yourself to a bathroom only? You can put sconces in a bedroom or in a dining room to get your decor an air of royalty.


  • the vine decoration over the shades is removable


  • may not give enough light, better suited for accent lighting

If you are opting for a chic hotel style in your guest room (or any other room), wall sconces are a must.

The sconce shades have removable vine rings that are not pictured in the image above. Put the rings on if you want to intensify the overall vine decoration of your bathroom.

Pro Tip

Think of installing the fixture outside of the bathroom to harmonize the vine decor of your entire house.

The max wattage the sconce can stand is 100W; however, some customers find the shade too dark and use the fixture only for accent lighting.

​From our point of view, this light fits the character and design of Allen Roth Eastview collection among the best.

You can find the fixture on Amazon and at Lowe's.

2-Light Wall Sconce

This is an impressive rectangular sconce that takes 2 bulbs.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Sconce

There are plenty of wall sconce decorating ideas but our favorite is to use sconces to frame an art work. Since this sconce gives two-directional light it can be also used to highlight an art object above or below it.


  • well made beautiful sconce
  • produces a soft glow with two lights, upward and downward
  • easy installation


  • must be installed in facing upwards direction only
  • some customers wish the glass was more translucent

This is a pretty large fixture so do the measurements of the place where you plan to install it in advance before purchasing to avoid disappointments.

Also, eep in mind that the sconce has to be installed in the upward direction only.

Pro Tip

Do the measurements of the spot where you plan to install the sconce before ordering to make sure it will fit the layout properly.

The max wattage of the scone is 100W; however, some customers wish the shade were more translucent.

Both Amazon and Lowe's have the sconce available.

Vanity Lights

2-Light Vanity Light

This is an attractive vanity light that takes 2 bulbs.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Vanity Light

The fixture is compact and is perfect for small bathrooms. It can be hung in both upward and downward directions.


  • the vine decoration ring is removable
  • suitable for small bathrooms


  • metal finish may come off easily

For small bathrooms, design experts suggest putting vanity lights in an upward direction. Such installation uplights the ceiling and gives an impression of a bigger space.

The vanity light comes with a removable vine decoration that is not shown in the picture above. You can use the decoration to enhance the vine decor of your bathroom.

Pro Tip

Do not hesitate to use it outside of the bathroom to match the other vine lighting of your house.

The overall quality of the fixture is good; however, some customers suggested to be careful with the metal finish that can come off easily.

The light is available on Amazon only - Lowe's does not sell it.

3-Light Vanity Light

This is lovely vanity fixture that takes 3 bulbs.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Vanity Light

It can produce plenty of light since the max wattage is 100W.


  • vine decoration rings are removable


  • metal coating can come off easily

The fixture is bigger than the previous 2-light one and can be hung in more spacious bathrooms.

The light can be installed in both upward and downward directions and it gives a lot of flexibility in how you can use it. You can hang it above the bathroom mirror or the medicine cabinet.

Pro Tip

Try it out outside of the bathroom to coordinate the other vine accents of your entire house.

The vanity light comes with removable vine ring accents that are not included in the product photo. Use the rings to heighten the vine decoration of your bathroom - or any room where you decide to put it.

The overall quality of the fixture is good; however, it is recommended to be careful with the metal finish since it can come off easily.

We think this fixture fits the spirit and the design of Allen and Roth Eastview collection among the best.

The light is not available at Lowe's so, you can buy it only on Amazon.

Other Lights

1-Light Mini Pendant

This is a gorgeous mini pendant light that can be used to create ambient light or to provide task lighting in a key spot.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Vine Mini Pendant

You can hang two mini pendants above a kitchen island. Or you can bundle a few of them together and replace a traditional chandelier above a dining table.

Another great way of using them is hanging them in a bedroom over a nightstand to eliminate the need to put the table lamp.


  • easy to install
  • the drop length is adjustable


  • the shade may appear darker / more amber than on photo

Despite being called a mini pendant and having only 1 bulb, the fixture can give quite a lot of light since you can put a bulb of up to 100W max.

It also has an adjustable drop so you can choose how low you want it to hang.

Everybody who bought this light agreed that it is beautiful and unique; however, some customers did not expect the shade would be darker than presented on the picture. Also, some units appear to have lower quality.

The fixture is available on Amazon only - Lowe's does not carry it.

Bonus! 5 Extra Vine Lighting Fixtures

While the vine collection I presented you above seems to be quite abundant, all of them are hanging fixtures. This bonus section extends it by 5 extra vine lamps that do not necessarily go to the ceiling. They can be placed in other corners of the house to enhance the vine style of your home design.

Needless to say, these lamps also match the Allen and Roth Eastview lighting collection spirit.

Let's take a look!​

Floor Lamps

Allen Roth Eastview Floor Lamp

If you need a floor lamp from the original Allen+Roth Eastview lighting collection, here you go. It is a beautiful tall lamp with the original vine decor.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Floor Lamp

This type of floor lamps is also called a torchiere. It has a top light that illuminates the ceiling and two side lamps installed on arms that are suitable for reading. In total, the torchiere requires 3 bulbs. The top one can have a max wattage of 100W and the side ones can have a max wattage of 40W.


  • easy to assemble
  • can be used for both lighting up a room and as a reading lamp
  • original Allen Roth Eastview collection


  • arms are stationary and cannot be moved
  • some units may have problems with quality
  • reading lamps do not have a separate switch

While torchieres serve best for providing accent lighting, rather than task lighting, this one serves both purposes thanks to its side lamps.

The only complaint the customers have is that the side arms are stationary and cannot be adjusted. Also, some Allen Roth Eastview floor lamps may have problems with quality.

Kenmore Home Mother and Son Torchiere

This is another torchiere with the vine decor. It is similar to the Allen+Roth Vine collection one from above but this one has 2 lights instead of 3.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Floor Lamp

Despite requiring a smaller number of bulbs, it provides the almost equal amount of light thanks to the higher max wattage. The top light can go up to 150W and the side light goes up to 60W.


  • the arm is rotatable and swingable
  • easy to assemble
  • suitable for both lighting up a room and as a reading lamp
  • beautiful design


  • the arm is not flexible
  • the finish is more black than bronze
  • some units may have problems with quality and parts
  • reading light does not have a separate switch

It is powerful enough to highlight the whole room and is great as a reading lamp.

Its arm is adjustable and can rotate about 300 degrees and swing 90 degrees from pointing down to pointing horizontally.

Pro Tip

The lamp is quite tall so double-check the dimensions to make sure the lamp will fit the spot you have in mind for it before ordering.

The lamp is pretty tall so you should properly measure the spot where you plan t use it before ordering.

It is easy to assemble; however, some units may miss assembling parts and have problems with quality. In this case, you can always return the lamp.

Also, keep in mind that the finish is more on the black side than brown.

Revel Ambrose Floor Lamp

This is a beautiful floor lamp with a black frame and golden fabric shade that has bronze threads.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Floor Lamp

Despite the frame color, the lamp is a good fit to Allen+Roth Eastview collection thanks to its vine decor and the shade color.


  • well-made and sturdy
  • easy to assemble
  • 1-year product warranty
  • great customer service by the seller


  • not as tall as some other floor lamps

With 1 bulb of 150W max wattage, this floor lamp can illuminate your room well.

The height of the lamp is slightly smaller than some other floor lamps and this makes it perfect for spaces with reduced size and low ceilings. A floor lamp like this one emphasizes the height of the space and helps to visually enlarge the room.

It is a perfect lamp for any room. You will be pleased with its quality since it is well-made, sturdy, and easy to assemble. The seller offers a 1-year warranty and provides a great customer service.

Other Lamps

Revel Ambrose Table Lamp

This is a vine decorated table lamp that matches the Revel Ambrose floor lamp above.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Table Lamp

As its counterpart, the lamp is a good fit to Allen Roth Eastview collection thanks to its vine decor and golden shade with bronze threads.


  • well-made and sturdy
  • easy to assemble
  • 1-year product warranty
  • great customer service by the seller


  • may be hard to adjust the cord while assembling

Despite taking only 1 bulb, it can produce plenty of light thanks to the max wattage of 150W.

This is a versatile lamp with an attractive shade and a sounding body. It is well-made, sturdy, and easy to assemble. It can fit many places in your home but still, placement mistakes are possible.

Before making the purchase, think through where you would put the lamp to find a perfect spot for it. Measure the height at which it will sit, as well as its distance from the other objects in the room like the bed, chair, decorations.

The last but not least: The seller offers a 1-year warranty and provides an amazing customer service.

Collections Etc Hanging Wall Lamp

With the antique gold finish and the ivory fabric shade with olive green design, this wall lamp is quite unique.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection Match: Wall Lamp

The fixture doubles as a perfect accent lighting and as an attractive wall decoration.


  • unique attractive design
  • affordable
  • easy to hang


  • cheaply made
  • cannot change the shade

It can create a romantic environment in a dining room or calm ambiance in a bedroom while providing an original addition to the overall design of the room.

In living rooms and hallways, especially if they are big and open, a wall light like this can make space feel softer and spice up a boring plain ceiling.

Pro Tips

  • Point the lamp head away from the wall to avoid fire danger
  • Use LED lights with a higher light output (not exceeding 15W max wattage) to make the lamp suitable for reading
  • Use a remote-controlled outlet extension to activate the lamp from a distance

The lamp is a great alternative to regular sconces and for some home decor lovers, it is even better than sconces. The lamp does not require a complicated installation. The wire goes inside the stem and the lamp can be simply plugged into an outlet.

Some customers say it is cheaply made but overall, it is definitely worth to give it a try for your vine decorated home.

Final Words

In this article, we collected 16 lighting fixtures with the vine decor that match the Allen Roth Eastview lighting collection style. You can find a vine accented light for pretty much every room, from a kitchen to a hallway to a bathroom.

The only thing we did not cover is Allen and Roth Eastview ceiling fan​ and this is something to be improved in future posts.

We hope you enjoyed reading the post. Which light is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!​


Lights That Match Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection

Vine Lights Reviews – Coming Soon!


The review is coming soon, stay tuned!

Allen and Roth Solar Landscape Lights Alternative


Allen + Roth products are simply amazing! Always have been a huge fan of the company, I’ve been trying to decorate my backyard in the style of Allen and Roth by Lowe’s.

I was looking for some outdoor patio lights to light up some areas behind my house. Something like Allen and Roth solar landscape lights would be perfect! Too bad Allen + Roth doesn’t offer any. Instead, I found some amazing solar path lights from Enchanted Spaces that I think will look perfect! You guys, these lights are seriously stunning. I am so excited to share them with you in this blog post!

Related: 11 Stunning Lights That Match Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection (Plus 5 Extra Ones!)

Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights

These solar lights are gorgeous! Look for yourself:

Allen and Roth Solar Landscape Lights alternative: Enchanted Spaces lights

They come in a set of 6 and have a nice bronze tone to them. The spiral star-shaped pattern that is emitted by these lights at night is beautiful. I think this is my favorite part about these lights. Walking out and seeing such wonderful star patterns in my yard gets me every time. The lights themselves have a fun little spiral pattern to them, also. These lights are extremely aesthetically pleasing! They are not only beautiful, but they’re also environmentally friendly. Now you won’t have to feel guilty about having such beautiful outdoor lights.

Solar Path Light Specs

These solar path lights will turn on automatically at night. This is great because you won’t have to worry about turning them on or off. The LED bulb that is included in these lights is designed to last for years. Each light is constructed in a sturdy manner, and comes with a 100% guarantee from the company. If a light bulb goes out, simply ship your light back to the company and they will replace the bulb for free.

The lights measure at 16″ x 4.5″. This is the perfect size, as it is not too big and not too small. These lights will look charming when placed along a pathway in your backyard, or around a flower garden.

Get these solar path lights on Amazon!

Pros of the Solar Path Lights

The solar path lights have a lot of positives to them. So, I’ve put together this list of pros!

  • Solar power charges these lights. This makes them eco-friendly.
  • The light comes out in a beautiful star-designed pattern.
  • There’s an on/off switch on the lights. This is in case you want to save battery.
  • No wires! This makes installation a breeze!
  • The lamps come with LED lights and LED lights last forever. (Or, at least for years!)
  • Also, the bronze color of these lights goes with a lot of outdoor decor.
  • No glass! The domes are plastic, which is safer. The lights themselves are made out of metal, which makes them sturdy and durable.

Cons of the Solar Path Lights

There are a few negatives to these solar path lights. I want to make sure I inform you of both positives and negatives. Here are the downsides to these solar path lights.

  • Replacement of bulbs is not possible. If a bulb goes out, you can’t buy a replacement bulb for it. Instead, you have to ship the light back to the company. The company will replace the bulb, or send you a new light.
  • Also, the lights are fragile. Some people have reported accidentally snapping the lights. Since these solar path lights aren’t very expensive, it makes sense that they might not be the sturdiest options out there.
  • Finally, the bulbs are not super reliable. If you have a very sunny day, the lights will shine brightly all night. However, if you had a cloudy day, the lights may not have absorbed enough energy to power the lights for the entire night.

Final Words

I just can’t get enough of these solar path lights!

Not only are they environmentally friendly since they are powered by the sun, but they’re also beautiful. The light that comes out of them is in the shape of a star, or spiral, and will “wow” you and your backyard guests. The bronze color of the light is stunning and rustic. Though these ones are not Allen and Roth solar landscape lights but they match the overall design of Allen Roth perfectly (from my point of view.)

The downsides to these lights are few, and mainly involve sending the light back to the company if it is broken.

These lights are available on Amazon for you to purchase and use in your own yard. Don’t just take my word for it, find out how amazing these lights are for yourself!

Get these solar path lights on Amazon!

Gazebo Winter Cover: Convert Hardtop Gazebo Into a Winter Shed!


Hanging out in your gazebo on a warm summer night is one of the best feelings in the world. Allen+Roth has an amazing line of gazebos that I can personally vouch for. (I own the Allen Roth gazebo with a soft-top in the color of beige, myself.) Gazebos are a place where you can hang out with all of your friends and family and just shoot the breeze.

However, winter comes eventually and that is when the gazebo top has to be put away. I always hate when I have to take off my gazebo top since I know that cold, nasty weather is just around the corner! I take the top off of my gazebo before winter, but I have a lot of friends who own Allen and Roth hardtop gazebo and other ones and they don’t remove their tops. Instead, they use a gazebo cover.

Gazebo covers are great because they allow you to keep using your hardtop gazebo during the winter months. An excellent product to use if you also have one is the Winter Cover gazebo cover from Sojag.

Gazebo Winter Cover by Sojag

Gazebo Winter Cover by Sojag is a gazebo cover that can protect a hardtop gazebo during cold weather.

Gazebo Winter Cover: Assembled Look

The cover is made of polyethylene and resembles a tarp that would be used for camping.

The nice thing about using the Winter Cover by Sojag is that it converts your hardtop gazebo into a place for winter storage. If you’ve wondered what to do with your gazebo during unfavorable weather, this Winter Cover is your solution. Simply cover your hardtop gazebo with this gazebo cover and you’ve created a shed-like building that can double as extra storage.

The advantages to using this winter cover are numerous. Besides the fact that it transforms your gazebo into a place of storage, it also protects your gazebo from harsh weather. Snowstorms and freezing rain can damage your gazebo if it is left uncovered. This is why it is such a great idea to buy this cover.

Here are some more details about the Winter Cover by Sojag:

  • It has one door and two windows.
  • The cover is completely water resistant and comes with air vents that help to properly circulate the air.
  • There are eyelets at the bottom of the cover for its poles to go through (similar to a tent.)
  • The cover also comes equipped with bands at each end which attaches the poles to the cover.

Cover Sizes

The Winter Cover comes in a variety of sizes. This way, you are able to pick the cover that is the perfect size for your gazebo:

The sizes fit pretty much all the range of popular gazebos including Allen Roth ones.

Winter Cover Pros

Let’s look at all of the positives of this hardtop gazebo cover.

  • The wide selection of sizes allows you to pick the cover that will best fit your gazebo.
  • The study polyethylene material is sure to keep out water and protect both your gazebo and the items you are storing in it.
  • Vents are sewn into the cover to allow for the proper circulation of air.

Winter Cover Cons

This product doesn’t come without its cons. Here is a list of things that are not so favorable about it:

  • This gazebo cover comes with a hefty price tag. Its functionality and ability to transform your gazebo into a winter storage shed make it worth it, however.
  • The installation of this gazebo cover is a little complicated. I’ll go over the installation procedure in detail, below. It’s a good idea to read up on the process before delving into it.

Find these covers on Amazon: 10′ by 10′ size, 10′ by 12′ size, 12′ by 16′ size.

Gazebo Winter Cover Installation Instructions

As mentioned above, installing your gazebo cover can be a little tricky. I’ve put together this installation procedure how-to guide to help you when installing it.

  1. Take your gazebo cover out of the package and unfold it. Position the cover over your gazebo and line up the longer and shorter sides with their corresponding gazebo walls. Be mindful of the door placement. Don’t install it inside out; make sure that the seams of the cover are on the inside.
  2. Acquire two stepladders and position them on two neighboring corners of the gazebo.
  3. Carefully position the cover over the gazebo. Ensure that you do not put any tears into the material.
  4. If there is any excess material leftover at the bottom of the cover, fold it outwards.
  5. Place weights on top of the excess cover that is folded up. (I’ll discuss a good weight option below!) Ensure that you attach the cover to the ground by placing poles or stakes through its eyelets.

You will need at least two people for this installation. Weights will need to be purchased in addition to the cover to keep it weighted down. There are fixing bolts on the cover that keep the cover attached to the gazebo. When installing your cover, you may need to drill holes into the legs of the gazebo to accommodate these bolts.

Here is a link to the original gazebo cover instructions.

And speaking of the weights… I found some that can go well with this cover.

Weights for Gazebo Winter Cover

As mentioned previously, you are going to need weights to keep your gazebo winter cover grounded. These pool cover weights from Swimline will work wonderfully with the cover.

Weights for Gazebo Winter CoverHere are the specs:

  • They come in a pack of 12 and are 8″ X 4″ X 36″.
  • Polyethylene is the material used to manufacture these weights.
  • You will need four weights for each side of the gazebo cover.
  • The weights can be filled with any material of your choosing, including gravel, dirt or soil.

Weights Pros

There are many positive aspects to these pool cover weights.

  • There are much easier to fill and store compared to traditional water bags.
  • They stack easily and can be stored with ease.
  • The weights are sturdy and can withstand bad weather.

Weight Cons

The cons of the pools weights are as follows.

  • They may come damaged from the manufacturer.
  • The weights are pricey when compared to water bags and empty milk jugs alternatives.

Get these weights on Amazon!

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for a cover for your gazebo, then the winter gazebo cover by Sojag is a great choice. It would fit in perfect with my Allen and Roth by Lowe’s inspired backyard. The ability to transform your gazebo into winter storage is well worth the money spent. You definitely won’t regret buying this integral piece of outdoor decor.

Allen Roth Steel Gazebo Assembly Instructions


Living in North Carolina, we spend a great deal of time outdoors. Having a well-made gazebo to hang out in is a huge bonus for our family.

Allen and Roth make a variety of options to choose from. Some of the many options include pergola style, a dome gazebo, an easy up gazebo, and a hard-top option. We personally own the second gazebo discussed,  the dome one. Living in a warm climate we are able to use it year-round and do not need the fabric sides.

Each of these options also come with instructions that are simple to follow to install your new Allen and Roth steel gazebos by Lowe’s.

Pergola Gazebo Instructions

First up in our list of options is the pergola 10ft x 10ft gazebo. This gazebo is a solid black structure with a tannish-gray canopy covering. If your taste is more on the industrial or rustic side, this Allen and Roth steel gazebo by Lowe’s would be perfect for you. With its straight lines and sturdy build, it would fit nicely in a variety of yards. At 10ft x 10ft, it also provides a large covered area to protect you from the rain or the sunshine.

Allen Roth Steel Gazebo Assembly Instructions: Pergola gazeboThe Allen Roth steel gazebo assembly instructions that come with the gazebo are easy to read and will make the process of putting your new gazebo together easy. This particular gazebo’s model number is GF-12S039B and it can be assembled with the help of 2 to 4 people total. You will need to put aside about 4 hours total for assembly.

The only tools you will need for assembly is a 5ft ladder, the wrench you will need comes with the gazebo. To put your new item together, you will do so in the following order:

  • Base brackets
  • Base side panels
  • Connect the crossbars for the top of the canopy
  • Complete each side of the canopy – crossbars attached to 2 posts
  • Attach all 4 sides of the gazebo
  • Lastly, you will put the canopy on top

You can find the detailed assembly instructions on Lowe’s website. The assembly instructions also include the instructions on how to remove the gazebo canopy.

Next, we have the beige dome gazebo.

Beige Dome Gazebo Instructions

This gazebo provides you with a very classic cabana appearance. With its solid domed top and fabric tied to its legs, it is reminiscent of what you would see at a resort. This Allen and Roth steel gazebo by Lowe’s is large at 12ft x 10ft. It will give you great protection from the sun while looking stylish.

Allen Roth Steel Gazebo Assembly Instructions: Dome gazeboWhen it comes to putting this piece together, the assembly instructions of Allen Roth steel gazebos are straight forward. You will find all of the details you need in the PDF provided. This gazebo’s model number is: GF-12S004B and can be put together with anywhere from 2 to 4 people’s help. This item will also take about 4 hours of assembly time to complete the project.

The tools needed for this Allen and Roth steel gazebo by Lowe’s are going to be the hex wrench and a special wrench that comes with it. You will also need a ladder that is at least 5 ft tall for assembly. The instructions are easy to follow and you will put your item together in this order:

  • Assemble the support posts first
  • Connect left and right crossbars to each other
  • Connect all 4 sets of crossbars to create a rectangle
  • Place rectangle of crossbars on top of 4 support posts
  • Assemble canopy roof
  • Hang corner curtains
  • Lastly, put the actual canopy cover on

If you need more information on detailed assembly instruction, they can be found on the Lowe’s website. Also, the Lowe’s website offers the instructions to remove your canopy as well.

Our third gazebo option is the easy up gazebo.

Easy Up Gazebo Instructions

This option is very similar to the beige dome gazebo, however, it is all a beige colored fabric and has a simpler style. This is a gazebo that you will find in many yards and you know will stand up over the years. So, it is easy to maintain as it provides hassle free cleaning. You will have plenty of coverage with this 10ft x 12ft mosquito netted gazebo.

Allen Roth Steel Gazebo Assembly Instructions: EasyUp gazeboAllen Roth steel gazebo assembly instructions for this gazebo are easily followed. The model number for this gazebo is L-GZ472PST-I and you will need at least 2 adults if not more to assemble. This gazebo has a very short assembly time of only 30 minutes! Therefore, this means more time to enjoy it and less time spent putting it together.

Luckily, you will not need any extra tools beyond what comes with the item for assembly. Below are the main steps required to put your new gazebo together:

  • Unfold and insert crossbeams into poles
  • Connect corner bars and poles
  • Attach short and long crossbars to one another
  • Attach hook to the top connector
  • Connect long middle bars
  • Attach the large canopy
  • Connect the small canopy
  • Attach the mosquito netting

To find the detailed assembly instructions, go to the Lowe’s website. There you will also find the instructions on how to remove your gazebo canopy.

Last, but not least we have the hardtop gazebo.

Hardtop Gazebo Instructions

Last, we have the fourth option – the hardtop. This gazebo is completely different from the rest as it offers a paneled canopy vs a material canopy. h2It’s size is h2 10ft x 10ft square h2and it features a h2vented canopy roof. With this sturdy construction, you can enjoy your Allen Roth steel gazebo by Lowe’s year round!

The assembly instructions of this steel gazebo are detailed but easy to follow along with. You can find this model, numbered: L-GZ340PCO-5 online. While you can assemble this solo, you will need up to 6 people to move the gazebo. Assembly time is relatively short at 90 minutes.

When it comes to tools, you will need the wrench that comes with your gazebo and a Phillips screwdriver.

Below in order, the main assembly instructions are:

  • Connect left and right top screens
  • Attach screens to post connectors
  • Connect top beams to big top bars
  • Attach hook to small top connector
  • Assemble the small top roof panels
  • Connect the roof beams
  • Attach small roof covers to small top
  • Connect the big roof panel covers to big top
  • Assemble the top
  • Attach to posts
  • Stake to the ground

If you are looking for the detailed assembly instructions of this Allen Roth steel gazebo, they can be found on Lowe’s  website. You will also find the instructions needed to remove your canopy.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the many options that are offered by Allen Roth for gazebos, you can choose which will best fit your life and needs.

If you live somewhere where you want to use your gazebo year-round, the hard top option may be best. If you live in a warm climate like my husband and I do, any of the soft top canopy options will work well.

In any case, you need not worry about the assembly. Since Allen Roth steel gazebo assembly instructions are easy to read and find, you should be able to enjoy your new item in no time.

Who makes Allen and Roth patio furniture? What warranty do they offer?


If you are anything like me, you probably wonder who makes the furniture you purchase.

Allen+Roth by Lowe’s is a brand that is not only sold at but also owned by Lowe’s. They offer a variety of patio furniture and accessories. This article about Allen Roth patio furniture gives you an idea of some of the options that Lowe’s has.

Let’s take a closer look.

Main parts of Allen Roth patio furniture

The patio furniture by Allen + Roth by Lowe’s comes in multiple material options to choose from. You will find furniture in wicker, aluminum, and steel. Depending on your needs, this brand will have a choice for you.

The wicker offers you a traditional beachy, pool, lounge area that so many people love. This collection comes in a brown and warm gray, both colors would go with any outdoor style. The aluminum option comes in white and black. The white aluminum looks like your classic Florida veranda laid back setting. In white it is a classic, in black, it looks very polished and upscale.

Who makes Allen and Roth patio furniture: Steel optionLastly, the steel options come in brown only. It is a classic piece that would fit on a southern porch. This piece is timeless and with multiple bright colored pillows, it is also welcoming. Each of these materials provides a different function and comes with different warranty options to protect your furniture.

The manufacturing of these parts is done in China and is outsourced to various contractors.

Allen and Roth offers warranties, too

If you are anything like me, you research and know what you are buying before deciding. My hubby and I love to entertain our friends. And living in North Carolina we spend a lot of time using our patio furniture. Since we put our furniture through heavy use, having a warranty on our items is a pleasant bonus.

Allen + Roth by Lowe’s offers a limited warranty on any defects in workmanship.

Frames and welding are guaranteed free from defects up to 5 years. The finish is warranted for blistering, peeling or cracking for 1-year post purchase.

If you need to utilize the warranty, contact customer service at 1-866-439-9800, Monday to Friday; 8 am to 8 pm EST.

Cushions and fabrics

Now that you know where your product is made and what warranty it has for its main parts, it is time to talk about what types of fabrics come with your Allen + Roth patio furniture accessories.

So, who makes Allen and Roth patio furniture cushions and other fabrics?

There are three main brands that provide the cushions and fabrics – Sunbrella, NeverWet and Nong Tai. You can find more information about Sunbrella here. If you are curious about NeverWet, see their website here. Lastly, Nong Tai is a Vietnamese company. Unfortunately, Nong Tai does not have a website at this time.

You will notice these brands offers different warranties and provide great quality. You are made aware if the item is made in the United States or imported. NeverWet offers 1-2 year warranties, Sunbrella offers a 5-year warranty. While Nong Tai and other non-Sunbrella brands offer a 1-year warranty.

Presently, these brands offer many great features that make them worthwhile. Having a high-quality item in our home is a must for my husband and I. Sunbrella and NeverWet are two amazing companies with a lot to offer. Let’s take a closer look at them.


First, Sunbrella is a company based in Anderson, South Carolina. While this is their main plant, this brand also has factories in Suzhou, China, and Lille, France. Having multiple locations allows this company to provide their well-made items all over the world. The United States and Europe are home to the design teams. The company strives to provide you with the most up to date trends in patio furniture and design.


Similarly, Neverwet offers waterproofing protection for your patio furniture. The brand offers a large line of products to give your Allen + Roth by Lowe’s furniture a long, high-quality life. This brand is owned by Rust-Oleum who manufactures in the United States and Europe. The factory base is Vernon Hills, NH, but there are factories in Wisconsin, Maryland, Oklahoma and more. NeverWet promises breathability in your items, with water resistant technology.

So what did you learn about Roth + Allen by Lowe’s?

In conclusion, this brand is sold by Lowe’s; offers high quality, long lasting and beautiful options for all of your needs. Roth + Allen by Lowe’s is a great investment for your home and future with multiple options that stand up to the elements.

Having a warranty for your Roth + Allen patio furniture is a good bonus. The products come with limited warranties that can last up to 5 years. This gives you peace of mind that your furniture will be around with you for a long time.

Allen and Roth Outdoor Privacy Screen: What Are Alternatives?


When I spend time outside, I sometimes want a little more privacy than usual. This is especially important to me when my hubby and I want to enjoy some time outside together. We both prefer to spend a night at home rather than go out and we love spending time outside. However, sometimes we want to have this time with a little more seclusion than usual.

This is when I found out about privacy screens. These are the stronger, outdoor version of the free standing folding screens.

A divider such as a privacy screen is a beautiful and easy way to ensure a little solitude! One of the reasons it works so well is that it doesn’t take a lot to install either!

There are plenty of different options to choose from for your outdoor privacy screen. They are made from a variety of material such as wicker, fiber, composite, and more. It is up to you what type of privacy screen you want and what you want from it. We will be looking at specific products in this article but if you want to look at some different types of screens then you can look here for more information.

Allen and Roth Composite Privacy Screen

This composite screen is brought to us by my favorite brand; it’s an Allen and Roth privacy screen by Lowe’s. It is far more than just functional, it is beautiful as well. For a piece that has been used for a long time, Allen+Roth brings an impressive, modern twist to the old design. This design is symmetrical with a black frame contrasting against it.

Unfortunately, this Allen Roth privacy screen is no longer available.

Luckily, though, there are plenty of other options to choose from that are just as gorgeous. In this article, we will look at 3 more screens that serve as fantastic alternatives.

Wicker Room Divider

This wicker divider is tightly woven to offer plenty of privacy. Rather than folding up, it is a single wall, so there aren’t any bends or folds. It comes in many sizes and colors as well, so it will fit with any décor you might have.

Alternative to Allen and Roth Outdoor Privacy Screen

Specifications include:

  • Various sizes available including 4 feet by 4 feet or 4 feet by 6 feet
  • Comes in brown, black, white, tan, and white
  • Thanks to resin, this screen is also water repellant, helping it last longer outdoors
  • It isn’t heavy either, so it is easy to set up and move


  • Simple and straightforward assembly
  • Side by side screens can easily be used to create a larger wall
  • The look of the screen perfectly matches advertisements, so you won’t get any surprises


  • Being light is a give and take and the wind may prove detrimental to this screen
  • It is slightly more expensive than other models

Find this screen on Amazon

Oriental Dark Brown Divider

This divider has a more traditional look than the wicker one since it is foldable. It is also tightly woven, making it completely opaque for your privacy. Not only will this divider go with many different styles of décor, it stays clean since no lint will show.

Alternative to Allen and Roth Outdoor Privacy Screen

Specifications include:

  • Vinyl material is resilient to weather
  • Panels can be 6 feet by 17. 5 inches wide or 4 feet by 17.5 inches wide
  • The 4-foot screen can be purchased in multiple colors including dark mocha, black, red/black, white, light green, cream, and dark beige


  • This screen is tall, so it offers exceptional privacy
  • Multiple screens can be used to create secluded areas (i.e. a changing area beside a pool)
  • Beautiful and easy to match with different decors thanks to the many colors


  • Not the most budget-friendly option­
  • It is light-weight, so it can be blown over by the wind easily

Get this outdoor screen on Amazon

Garden Screen

This gorgeous screen differs in design from Allen Roth outdoor privacy screen and the other oness. It features wood paneling with a beautiful light brown and white mosaic at the top. This has dual uses as well thanks to planter boxes on either side.

Alternative to Allen and Roth Outdoor Privacy Screen


  • Dual function thanks to planters
  • The cedar lumber will withstand the wind
  • Straight forward and easy to assemble


  • Sturdy enough to stand up to wind and last
  • Provides plenty of privacy


  • You can’t drain the planters
  • Assembly is easy, but it does take a while

Get this garden screen on Amazon


While the Allen and Roth outdoor privacy screen is no longer available, these screens still offer beautiful and practical options.

Of course, depending on where you live you may need different things. If you live somewhere windy, then you may lean toward the heavier garden screen. No matter what, though, there is an option to fit your needs.

Looks are important too, though. Don’t forget that this is somewhere you’ll be spending time, so don’t forget to choose pieces you like.

Care Instructions For Teak Outdoor Furniture: 5 Simple Tips


In addition to be one of the highest quality materials on the market for patio furniture, teak patio furniture doubles as one of the easiest types to care for! It’s by far one of my favorite materials for patio furniture due to the natural oils present in the wood, which help keep out termites and moisture.

To maintain the beautiful natural color of the wood, your teak patio furniture must be well taken care of, but I promise it’s not hard! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tips to help you keep your teak looking beautiful for years to come.

Avoid Teak Oil

I know this might sound crazy, but hear me out! The teak oil sold on the market is not actually teak oil at all, even though it’s marketed as such. It’s a mix of linseed oil and other solvents that aren’t any good for your teak patio furniture. I try to avoid using teak oil on my own furniture if I can help it. While it does brighten the color in the short term, it doesn’t do it any good in the long run.

Adding extra oil to your teak furniture isn’t recommended because it depletes the natural oils already present in the wood. This will make the color of your wood fade faster. Adding oil doesn’t increase the structural strength of the wood, either. Therefore, I’d recommend staying away from using oil on your teak patio furniture.

Treat with Teak Sealer Instead

Care Instructions For Teak Outdoor Furniture: SealerYour teak patio furniture will only need one teak sealer treatment a year to keep it in top condition. However, it provides a ton of benefits just from one yearly application! Teak sealant is designed to lock in the natural oils the wood possesses. This helps keep your teak looking bright and new for a much longer period.

If you decide later that you’re all right with letting your teak fade into the equally as beautiful grey color, you can simply stop using teak sealer treatments. Over time the oils will evaporate from the wood. This causes the gradual change in color.

Clean Up Spills as They Happen

When you’re outside entertaining, if you’re anything like me and my family, there’s bound to be spills and mishaps. If you wipe away any spills as they happen, you lower the chances of staining your teak patio furniture. Always keep a cloth or rag handy when you’re eating and drinking around your patio furniture.

If you spill grease or something that may stain the teak furniture, wipe it off as soon as you notice. A slightly damp washcloth can work wonders for this. If your furniture does end up with a stain, however, try using something to soak up the stain over a period. That should help reduce or eliminate the appearance of the stain.

Basic Cleaning Works Just Fine

Since teak patio furniture is so sturdy, it can last for years without extensive cleaning. However, to keep it in the best possible condition, you should clean it regularly. A simple cleaning can do a world of wonders for the look and feel of your teak patio furniture. Soapy water can be used to clean the dirt and dust from your furniture with no complications.

However, I like to use a teak cleaner on my own teak patio furniture because it’s specifically made to keep teak clean. Most formulas will both brighten the look of the wood and clean it at the same time. That cuts my care time down significantly – especially if I clean my furniture on a sunny day and let the sun dry it for me!

Use a Patio Furniture Cover

Care Instructions For Teak Outdoor Furniture: CoversEven though teak patio furniture can be left outside all year round, it’s best to use a cover when the weather gets severe to protect your furniture from nature’s worst. A good patio furniture cover that’s high-quality and waterproof can greatly improve the lifespan of your furniture. If you do use a cover, make sure that it doesn’t trap moisture to prevent mildew from occurring.

I especially recommend using a patio furniture cover during the winter months. It helps protect your teak patio furniture, plus it stays relatively clean for use in the spring. I can quickly wipe my furniture down when it’s time for spring cleaning and be good to go for a barbecue in no time.

As you can see, taking care of teak patio furniture is a breeze. It’s one of the strongest and most durable materials you can use for patio furniture and it can last generations when taken care of correctly. There’s also very little upkeep on the cleaning side – once a year you can apply a teak sealant and be good to go! I highly recommend it because not only is it sturdy, it’s also a beautiful wood that can tie together any patio.

How To Choose The Best Patio Furniture Cover: 3 Tips Right To The Point


When it comes to how to choose the best patio furniture cover, it’s not hard to find yourself stuck! There’s simply so many options to choose from that it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

It’s completely normal!

You want to find the exact cover to protect your furniture, last for years while keeping with your overall stylistic theme. When you find yourself hunting for just the right furniture covers, these tips may help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Protecting Your Furniture

Arguably, the most important function of patio furniture covers is protecting your furniture. The highest Choose The Best Patio Furniture Cover: Table and BBQquality materials can protect your furniture from even the harshest of elements. They’re also made from breathable material to keep your precious furniture from becoming moldy or mildewed. The texture of the material is almost important to make sure that you don’t scratch or otherwise damage your patio gear. You want a material that is high quality, sturdy and built to last. Your patio furniture cover is the only thing keep your furniture safe from the sun and rain – it needs to be tough enough to keep out the UV rays while flexible enough to surround your entire piece to keep out any rain.

Picking a Stylish Cover

Your patio furniture cover doesn’t have to be in a neutral color or boring pattern! In fact, there are plenty of designs, patterns, and colors to choose from. You can add to the overall style of your patio with your cover rather than take away from it. When picking out the right patio cover, you should consider how you’d like it to look with your existing furniture. Do you want your cover to blend in? Or would you rather have a standout cover that can quickly become a topic of conversation?

Pick a Cover Built to Last

Choose The Best Patio Furniture Cover: WaterproofWhatever cover you pick is going to have to brave the weather even when you aren’t. Therefore, it’s extremely important to pick a cover that’ll keep your furniture protected for years to come. The wear and tear of the outdoors can thin some covers, so make sure that the one you pick is made of a high-quality fabric. You ideally want a material that’s flexible, sturdy, and waterproof. Your cover is the only thing standing between your patio furniture and the harshest of weather! If the cover you’re looking at seems to be too good of a deal, chances are that it is and you should probably seek another one.


There are many things to consider when picking out the perfect patio furniture cover. You should keep in mind that your cover must be functional, flexible, and tough. It should be able to keep out the harshness of the sun and rain. That doesn’t mean it can’t add a stylistic touch to your overall patio design, however! You can go for a bold look that stands out, a simple design that ties your look together, or a neutral cover that blends in with your furniture. No matter what you do, however, make sure that you buy a high-quality cover that’s built to last!

How to Use Fire Glass in Canyon Ridge Fire Pit


If you are looking for a unique alternative to lava rocks for your Canyon Ridge or any other outdoor fire pit, then fire glass offers a gorgeous choice.

Not only are the glass pieces effective in doing their job, they increase the vibrancy and reflection of your fire pit. I prefer it because it won’t lose its beauty over time or melt and it is safe to use as well since it doesn’t let off any fumes. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in so you can learn everything you need to know before buying some fire glass of your own.

What is Fire Glass?

The first important question we should tackle is what is fire glass. Fire glass is a type of tempered glass that is used in the place of gas logs and lava rocks. For your safety, the glass makers temper the glass so it would perform in high temperatures. Also, they tumble the glass when they make them and polish it down to get rid of any sharp edges. As I mentioned before, it also won’t lose its color or vibrancy even after repeated uses so long as you use it correctly.

Get fire glass for your Canyon Ridge here

Is Fire Glass Safe?

Fire glass is safe in every way. Not only does it not give off any fumes, but it won’t pop when burning either since it is tempered. You won’t cut yourself on your fire glass either, since it is tumbled and polished to rid it of any sharp edges.

How Do You Use Fire Glass?

Fire glass has several uses including in fireplaces, fire tables, fire pits, fire pans, and for various design purposes such as in aquariums and mosaic countertops. For now, though, we will focus on the use of fire glass in an outdoor fire pit. Fire glass can be used in a vented or vent-free fire pits, making it highly versatile, alongside the fact that it can be used with either propane or natural gas. With the use of natural gas, you won’t create any smoke either. Natural gas may be the best way to go if you are concerned about the environment.

Can I Mix Lava Rocks with Fire Glass?

Not only can you mix lava rocks with fire glass, it could be the best way to save money on fueling your fire pit. This is because fire glass is most effective when it is 1.5 inches above the burner. For most fire pits, this will leave a considerable gap of up to 2 inches to fill. Lava rocks are effective to fill this extra space. For a 2” gap it is suggested that for the bottom inch you fill it with 1-inch lava rocks, then fill the second inch with ¼-inch lava rocks. At this point, you should be at a depth proper to fill with fire glass at the most effective depth.

How to Take Care of Fire Glass

One thing that I love about fire glass is that it is extremely easy to take care of. Fire glass doesn’t produce ash or soot, which causes it to be very low maintenance. Rather, you’ll only have to worry about the buildup of dust or dirt like any other glass in your house. If it gets extremely dirty, the easiest way to clean it is to take the glass out of the fire pit and wash it with dish detergent. To do this simply remove the glass pieces from the pit and take a handful at a time to the sink. You can then rinse them with dish detergent and water.

How to Choose the Color of Fire Glass

The color of your fire glass is entirely up to you! I, personally, prefer a color that contrasts to my fire pit, just for diversity’s sake. The color of your fire pit, however, is purely a décor choice.

Can You Mix Fire Glass Colors?

You can mix colors with your fire glass! One of the best things about fire glass is that it gives you room to be creative with your design. Don’t be afraid to try this out!


Overall, fire glass is a safe and beautiful way to fuel your outdoor fire pit. It is easy to clean and safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about extensive maintenance. Fire glass also comes in multiple colors, so you can mix and match for your unique and ideal décor. Since fire glass is low risk and boasts many benefits, you won’t be disappointed when you give it a shot.