Allen Roth Vanity

Each dream home is different. It may be influenced by your upbringing or your hopes and dreams. There may be constraints on the selection by selecting the best design for your home.

Before anything else, the first step should be taken. This first step is selecting the right home. The number of rooms that you wanted and the kind of design you want. This will help you plan right in term of colors, themes and even budget.

The Virtual Tour

The beauty of the house is very dependent on the play of colors. You may have the most spacious room, but still it may look cluttered. You have to know what exactly do you want to achieve. Do you want a rustic theme, minimalist or contemporary? Do you like your house to be mostly earth colors? Or bright colors? It may not necessarily be a single color. It may be a different theme in each of the rooms. This will also provide you a chance to exercise your individuality. It will provide the chance to showcase the artist in you.

The Living Room

This is the entrance to your fortress. This is the room where you will receive all your visitors. It is essential that this is designed in such a way that it is welcoming to all. The wide hall that you have after the front door should be like a portal to your personality. There is a separate room which is could be decorated separately. There are different Allen roth vanity that is suitable for this kind of room. One of the examples is the classic black stainless steel with single sink. This is simple but classic. This serves as a breather for your guests. There are different parts of this packaging such as:
• Mirror: this is lined with simple black border. The border accentuates the mirror and is the perfect combination of the over-all package.
• Basin: simple and no brainer basin that you see in the usual counters.
• Storage cabinet: this provides space for you to store bathroom necessities. This becomes an aesthetic design and a practical storage space.
• Shelf: a 300×120 mm shelf is also available. This does not at all look bulky, but completes the look of the vanity combo.
• Installation: it is created to be wall mounted. There is an easy step by step procedure on how to do this. If you prefer to have it installed, then support is available in the stores as well.
• Countertop material: Ceramic. This is the best part about this vanity combo. This material is elegant and provides the minimalist vibe.

The Bedroom

This is perhaps the favorite part of everyone. This is your own personal space. The place where you get your good night’s rest. The place where you can shut out the world and have it your way. It is important that you get the best amenities in this place. The right bed, the right window shade, and most importantly the right bathroom furniture. There are different Allen Roth vanity that is right for you. The new 2014 product is surely what you are looking for.
The past reinvented includes:
• Carcase material: Solid wood. This is the secret in bringing antiquity back to life. In earlier times when steel is not the used. The different kind of wood made into furniture brings the rustic and antique vibe.
• Mirror: the set of this vanity combo includes 2 sets of mirrors. This is definitely useful for you and your significant other.
• Basin: together with the two separate mirrors are 2 separate basins. You could brush your teeth side by side. Wash your face in the morning and wash your hands at night. It literally provides ways for you to do things together.
• Installation type: Floor mounted
• Painting: the whole package was painted seven times to ensure a smooth and even finish. This is also done to achieve the kind of antiquity that the Allen Roth vanity combo promised its consumer.
• Delivery: once ordered there is a 20-30 estimation for delivery. You could also be assured to get the best product as seen in the photos. There is a foam on the inner box and a 7 layer carton.
The guest room
Your bedroom is your own personal space. The guestroom on the other hand is a different story. This is the room where you also would like to extend the comfort to your guests. Like the different parts of the bedroom, the bathroom is an important component. A refreshing vibe is a good theme for this. To achieve this the play of light colors and stylistic design is a must. To achieve this there is a new Allen Roth vanity design that is very popular to the consumers today. This type originated in China. The modern theme is very evident in this type of vanity combo.
It consist of the following:
• Carcase Material: Stainless Steel. In contrast to the antique them bedroom, this is the advent of the silver era. The steel speaks of new technological developments.
• Mirror: it is rimless and without border. Looking at it from afar you will wonder how it can stand alone.
• Basin: the A grade ceramic basin also come with the standard depth, size for guest’s comfort of usage.
• Installation type: wall mounted. It makes it more elegant and futuristic.
• Painting: the cabinet is painted five times to smoothen the surface, but uses no harmful chemicals.
• Countertop material: ceramic. This allows durability for longer usage. It is water and damp proof. It prevents harmful chemicals from adhering to the surface and scratches as well.

There are different things that you should be planning ahead to perfect each room. It takes a great deal of attention and consultation. There are different professionals available for you. The different Allen Roth vanity is your first step in making the right choice. The extensive selection will leave you in awe. The optimal quality and beauty will keep you wanting more. This truly is the best value for money that you could ever get.


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