Allen Roth Switch Plates: Finishing Touches

Allen Roth is a company that is a jack of all trades.  They have produced countless different types of home products, but have you seen their new allen roth switch plates?  These plates are definitely for you if you are looking for something to give your room a little more of a modern look.

I recently have been contracted to help redo my friends interior, along with redesigning my own homes interior.  So with this, I have been researching all sorts of different interior design brands, and it’s starting to make my head hurt.  The hardest part about picking switch plates is all the different sizes and shapes, and then keeping them consistent throughout your house!  I have gone through this nightmare a few different times throughout the years, and finally, I have decided to stick to one company for these pieces.  With that being said, I have made the switch over to only Allen Roth switch plates!

Allen Roth Switch Plates

Since there are quite a few different sizes and shapes for these Allen Roth plates, I am going to make a table with all the plates that either I personally have used or my friends have.  Hopefully, it will give you a few ideas of what to use in your own house!

Product NameColorNumber of Slots
Allen Roth 1-Gang Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Allen Roth 2-Gang Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Allen Roth 3-gang Dark Oil-rubbed Bronze
Allen Roth Polished Brass
Allen Roth 2-Gang Antique Brass Combination
BrassOne + Two
Allen Roth Dark Oiled Bronze
Allen Roth 3-Gang Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Three of these switch plates, I personally have them in my house and others, I have installed them in a few friends houses.  I think the bronze look goes great with any house that is really going for the modern feel.  Along with that, I like that these are all made of metal, and are very stable instead of some of the more flimsy switch plates I have used in the past.

Switch Plates In Allen+Roth Style

Unfortunately, Allen and Roth sometimes does not have a switch plate you are looking for. We receive many questions about getting various types of plates the brand does not make. For example,  triple toggle wall plate or some others.

I would suggest you take a look at Franklin, a brand that makes wall plates in a similar style.

Get this Franklin triple toggle switch wall plate in Antique Brass on Amazon!

<more coming soon!>


I hope my post has helped you figure out which switch plate would be the best feel for your home!  If you want to take a look at any other Allen+Roth items, take a look at the front page!

8 thoughts on “Allen Roth Switch Plates: Finishing Touches

  1. HELP! I have Allen Roth switch plates. Love them. Some how 1 of them got tossed with all the screws for the others. I have 5 and 1 missing, ugh! Went to Lowe’s, they no longer have this kind, they are like antique brushed brass. The only screws I could find were bright gold. Anywhere I can look at switch plates on you site? They are for double plug outlets, 1 screw each and 1 entire plate with a screw. Please advise.

    1. Hi Geri,
      Sorry to hear that.
      Could you post pictures of your Allen+Roth switch plates here.

  2. This was So helpful. I ordered the plate with the telephone jack and it is just what I needed to complete the switch plate redo in our kitchen. Thanks for the great guidance- didn’t get any at Lowe’s except “They don’t make anything for telephone outlets.”

  3. I need a phone wall plate and a cable-tv wall plate in the dark bronze Cosgrove style. Do you have those available to purchase?


  4. I need a a double switch and duplex in cosgrove (antique brass finish) and a double switch duplex in Market (satin Nickel finish. Both on the same plate. Can I order them from you or go to a recommended store So far, I’ve purchased about a dozen plates so far and love them. Please help.

  5. I love your champagne bronze wall plates. I bought several 2-gang and 1. – gang plates. I need at least 3 3-gang plates, but not the toggle switch ones . I need the one with a rectangle.the item number on back of the package is #0689465, but I can’t find them at Lowe’s or Amazon. Can you please help?
    Thank you

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