Allen Roth Rugs: Check Out The Three Types of Rugs

Allen Roth rugs are certain to give a fresh new look to any area of the home that is in desperate need of modernizing. Whether it is the area rugs, throw rugs, or Cliffony rugs, they are totally capable of adding a touch of style and sophistication to the plain looking living room, bedroom, hallway, or games room.

There are plenty of rules related to how big the rugs used throughout the house are and what is the preferred space to lay them. But, I usually go with my gut that tells me what’s is right to achieve a certain look in the different rooms at my home. I know that I should be careful when placing the rugs to avoid creating the island feeling. However, a great place to use the Allen Roth rug is in a large dinning room with a stylish piece placed under the dining table and set of chairs.

Here are three of the most popular types of Allen and Roth rugs:

Allen Roth Area Rugs

Allen Roth has plenty of choices when it comes to area rugs that are easily placed throughout the home to provide extra comfort and warmth. These rugs provide affordable luxury and are great for the front hall, entryways, dining room, or living room.

The Allen Roth area rugs are available in a choice of luxurious fabrics, such as 100% nylon and heat-set multi-ply polypropylene yarn. Plus, the area rugs are made in many different ways, from the woven to machine-made.

The most resilient rugs are those made in 100% nylon and the preferred choice for placing in parts of the home that seem to get the most traffic.

The range of rugs comes in the casual plains to the more elegant designs and patterns. Whether it is a natural tan, red, or a blending of beiges and greens, these rugs are able to easily complement the wide range of décor arrangements in the home.

Special attention has been given to the carpet edges to avoid issues with rugs becoming frayed or unraveling. Plus, the rugs include a unique type of backing that makes it possible for the rugs to breathe which is appreciated for its ability to avoid causing damage to the solid floor underneath.

The area rugs come in a variety of sizes to make sure a perfect fit is achievable in the small or large rooms. Area rugs are sized 3 x 5; 2 x 7; 5 x 7; 7 x 10, 8 x 11; 9 x 12; and much more. No matter the available space in a long and thin hallway or a wide open dining room, there is certain to be an area rug to match the specific needs.

For those with minimal time to spend on maintenance, there is not too much to worry about as these rugs are designed to be wear-resistant, fade-resistant, and stain-resistant. This is certain to be a welcomed feature, if planning to lay the rug in an area of the home that gets high foot traffic or has a lot of small children.

In addition to the area rugs intended for indoor use, there is also a selection of highly durable rugs that can be used outdoors, and made to be more resistant to soil, stains, and UV-rays.

If you are searching for the high-quality area rugs that look expensive, come in great colors, and truly fluffy, then the fine selection of Allen Roth rugs is certain to please. Plus, these rugs go down flat also immediately.


  • Stylish and rich colors
  • Highly durable and able to stand up to regular foot traffic
  • Rugs look awesome in the luxurious fabrics


  • Certain rugs seem to have shallow pile

Allen & Roth Throw Rugs

The casual to modern throw rugs from Allen Roth are economical, easily movable, and available in s choice of sizes and colors. These rugs are highly versatile and can easily fit a wide range of spaces throughout the home. Whether it is the bedrooms, games room, or living room, the throw rugs are certain to bring warmth and comfort in any room while complementing the existing style or décor of the room.

For long-term durability and strength, the rugs are made in materials like cotton, jute, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene that are machine made. But there are also the hand-tufted carpets in 100% wool that give the more luxurious look and feel. Other construction choices include the woven and braided carpets.

To help minimize movement once the throw rugs are down, many of these rugs come with jute backing and a thin layer of latex. This is helpful to prevent the rug sliding when it is walked across.

The Allen Roth throw rugs are generally smaller than the other options, and limited to two sizes: 2 x 3 or 2 x 4. Even though the throw rugs are only in two sizes, there are still plenty of different style choices which can be used in combination if looking to cover the slightly larger floor space.

Similar to Allen Roth area rugs, the throw rugs also come in a wide range of colors (plains to patterns) and designs to help match the local décor or the taste of the homeowner. Most of the popular rugs are in multicolor or include a pattern, floral, geometric, or stripe design. Plus, the rugs are mostly machine woven which helps to provide a construction that is extremely dense to provide the more noticeable design clarity and definition.

Even though most of these throw rugs are intended for indoor use, there is one or two available that can function outdoors. These rugs are made using a proprietary construction that gives the long-term durability with added UV protection.

A great quality of the Allen Roth rug is the high resilience to stains and wear, which means they have the potential to provide long lasting durability, and less likely to need regular maintenance.

If you have any areas in the home that could benefit from a touch of warmth and comfort, the series of Allen Roth throw rugs are easy to care for and certain to provide the affordable luxury to a small space.


  • Highly durable and reliable construction for long-term service
  • Many nice designs and beautiful colors


  • Limited sizes for this type of floor rug

Cliffony rugs by Allen and Roth

The series of Cliffony rugs manufactured by Allen Roth are certain to appeal to those in search of affordable luxury that are quite hard wearing and easy to maintain. This particular type of Allen Roth Cliffony rug is very plush and gives a great soft feeling when sinking the toes into, and is great for giving a touch of warmth to the bare wooden floors.

The Cliffony rugs vary in size and range from the small throw rugs at 2 x 3 ft to the large area rugs at 4 x6; 5 x8; 8 x 10. For the larger space it is even possible to place two of the rugs side by side to make sure even larger rooms have a soft quality floor covering.

Like the other types of Allen Roth rugs, the Cliffony series are made in materials like 100% polypropylene pile and are jacquard woven to give a high quality and plush finish.

Mostly rectangular in shape, these rugs come in a light cream color with a floral-inspired print that is certain to look great placed in a hallway or living room and should have no trouble blending with the existing décor or style. The print design includes a color palette of a touch of sky blue, rich brick/burgundy/russet, warm grayed green, light brown, rich burgundy, celery green, and a background of neutral beige.

The hard-wearing nature of the Cliffony rugs make them resistant to fading, soiling, or staining, so can even be placed in areas of the home that get regular foot traffic or in the most active areas with children and pets.

The rugs are great for virtually any area throughout the home such as placing in front of a front door or used to highlight certain features in the living room. The area rugs are nice and heavy, which means they are able to instantly lay flat when placed on the floor and minimum movement takes place when walking across this type of floor covering. Plus, because of the thick nature of this type of rug the edges do not start to curl up after a short time of use unlike many of the thin and low-cost rugs.

For anyone with a plain floor that is in desperate need of an instant pop of color, the Allen Roth Cliffony rug is certain to help achieve the desired look while having the excellent feel with plush thickness and warmth.


  • The Cliffony rugs are made to a high standard
  • Rugs are extremely durable and great for any area of the home


  • Rugs aren’t the easiest to vacuum which mostly relates to the thick, plush makeup

How To Remove Creases From New Allen And Roth Rugs

You bought a rug and placed it on the floor… Then you discovered that the rug has creases! Is it normal? How to get rid of them?

First of all, do not worry – it is normal that a rug may have creases. Usually, creases appear when the rug was rolled and packaged to prepare it for shipping. It has a temporary effect and in most cases, creases tend to disappear after several days while the rugs rests unrolled on the floor.

To remove creases, you can do one or all of the following:

Let the rug rest (in a sunlight)

Unroll the rug on the floor and let it rest for several days. Most of the creases usually go away easily.

If you live in a warm area with hot sun, you can put your creased rug to sit unrolled in a natural sunlight. It helps the rug to relax thus releasing the creases.

Roll the rug in the opposite direction of the crease

To do so, you need to find the direction of the crease. Do it by rubbing running a hand through the threads to find out the direction of the pile.

Then, simply stand facing the rough end, and roll the rug tightly in the way opposite to the orientation of the pile.

Steam the creased place

Yes, you can steam a rug at home! Keep i mind that it is possible as long as the rug materials allow and you are careful while ironing.
Here are the steps to follow:

  • Before ironing, make sure your rug won’t get damaged by it. Wool on a jute or cotton back can be ironed with “Wool” settings. However, nylon, viscose, and other synthetics as well as a latex backing will require a low temperature settings or should not be ironed at all
  • Try ironing on a small part of your rug to make sure it won’t get damaged
  • Put a damp towel over the spot you are about to iron to prevent damaging the rug. Damp cloth will also produce extra steam.
  • In addition, put a cloth under the spot to protect the floor from the steam. If your rug is not very big, you can do the ironing/steaming outside.
  • Gently iron the crease trying not to push too much against the rug
  • After ironing, let it rest until the spot gets cool and dry

Tip: Instead of an iron, you can use a steamer – it is actually more convenient to use and less damaging to the rug.

Unfortunately, Allen and Roth rugs are not immune to creasing. However, it is pretty easy to get rid of creases by following the advises I posted above.

Have you ever tried to uncrease a rug? What method did you use? Let me know in comments!


Hope my post will be helpful for you when you face a tough choice of what rugs to buy for your home!

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  1. Just purchased a allen/roth area rug 8×10, item# 0127649 very plush solid ivory color. purchased from Lowe’s … I un-rolled and removed from plastic and placed on floor, carpet has many small deep creases…Is this normal ? and will carpet flaten out, and how long will it take to look normal ? Impatient wife wants to return tommrow!

    1. Hi Marsha,
      Thanks for your question!

      It all depends on the kind of rugs you are trying to place next to each other.
      If the rugs have a definite seam border, you won’t be able to do it without cutting them. If it is your case, you can check this DIY: and do as suggested.

      If your rugs do not have a border than it will be much easier to convert them into a bigger area rug. Here are the steps:
      – unroll each rug and lay them side by side;
      – now, identify where the pattern repeat matches up on each rug – you may need to rotate each rug a few times;
      – match up the repeats to make sure the pattern runs from one end of the rug to another;
      – using a heavy duty duct tape, tape rugs from side to side on the underside
      – cover with the tape all the seams
      – carefully flip the taped rug to the front side – chances are you may need help to do it;
      – you are done!
      Now put the furniture on the rug and enjoy the new look of your room 🙂

      Hope it was helpful!

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