More Allen Roth Products For Your Home

Allen & Roth is really a Jack of all trades! Apart from the products mentioned on the main page of my website, they also make the products presented on this page! I tried to collect here the rest of the stuff they make that you may not know about. Maybe, you will be able to stuff your whole house with Allen & Roth 😉

Let’s see what else they make.

Getting an Allen Roth Chandelier!

Classic style, clean lines, ageless feeling… This is what makes the Allen & Roth chandeliers to stand out. At least, this is what my designer friend Alice says when we discuss it! And I cannot help but agree. I have a couple of Allen & Roth chandeliers in my apartment and I have to say they match perfectly my interior design style.

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Allen Roth Canyon Ridge: Is It for a Small Or Big Yard?

Allen and Roth Canyon Ridge is a fire pit pit bowl that works on liquid propane fire. It’s basically a stone column with fire on top of it and includes lava rocks plus a protective cover. My friends have it outside on their deck, which has a moderate size, and I imagine it would look great even being installed in a bigger space.

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Allen Roth Fire Pit: Looking For Replacement Parts?

Yeah, me too. My friends who own Canyon Ridge kept asking me about where they can byu a replacement cover or a spark screen. So, I just created a post with a list links for replacement parts for these popular fire pits.

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Allen and Roth Outdoor Privacy Screen

Looking for spending time outdoors while having some privacy? Then Allen Roth outdoor privacy screen is what you need!

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Picking a new Allen Roth Tile!

When looking for a new upgrade in your house, you should definitely take a look down… at what you are standing on 😉 The flooring that you are standing on can be changed in hundreds of different ways all to fit your fancy.  And Allen and Roth tiles are there to help you to make your flooring perfect!

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Allen Roth Rugs: Check Out The Three Types of Rugs

Allen Roth rugs are certain to give a fresh new look to any area of the home that is in desperate need of modernizing. My designer friends often praise them for the ability to add a touch of a touch of style and sophistication to the plain looking living room, bedroom, hallway, or games room. Allen & Roth makes three types of rugs: Area rugs, throw rugs, and Cliffony rugs.

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Allen Roth Countertops In Your Kitchen

If you are someone who is looking to redo their whole countertops then look no further!  I have spent years looking for just the right countertops for my new house, and it’s been a struggle.  But recently I found just the right one for me.  And with all this research I found that Allen Roth ones are the way to go.  They have their new quartz modeled pieces and it is definitely something amazing!

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Allen Roth Blinds: Turn Your Bedroom Into Stylish Sleep Heaven

white allen roth blinds classic home

No doubts windows are a must to any room of any house since they let in natural light to brighten the space. But does it mean we always want the light to pour in all the time? Of course, not. If you want to have a relaxing sleep all year around, you must take care of blocking annoying sun and make sure your bedroom stay dim when you want it.

Allen and Roth blinds not only offer you a durable solution to this problem but they also bring in a lot of style to your decor.

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Allen Roth Closet Organizer

What type of person are you?  Are you the type of person that can live in disorganization or do you need order in your home?  Well if you are like me, then I am here to suggest an Allen & Roth closet organizer to you. You will never regret getting it!

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Allen Roth Bathroom Cabinets

Many people actually think Allen Roth is only about lighting and outdoor furniture. In fact, it is not true. If you are redoing your bathroom, you should definitely look at their bathroom cabinets because they produce some great products!

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Try Allen Roth Switch Plates For a Modern Twist

If you are looking for a way to give your room more of the modern twist, take a look at the Allen and Roth switch plates. Alice, my designer friend, taught me this trick: “Don’t waste too much money on refreshing your apartment. The evil is in details!” Once, I was contracted to help redo my friends interior, along with redesigning my own homes interior. I got tired of an endless variety of different brands and mismatching products and then I decided to see what my favorite brand had to offer.

Product NameColorNumber of Slots
Allen Roth 1-Gang Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Allen Roth 2-Gang Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Allen Roth 3-gang Dark Oil-rubbed Bronze
Allen Roth Polished Brass
Allen Roth 2-Gang Antique Brass Combination
BrassOne + Two
Allen Roth Dark Oiled Bronze
Allen Roth 3-Gang Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze

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Allen Roth Roman Shades

Allen and Roth has a big, HUGE variety of roman shades! They include the ones made on natural materials as well as made of fabric and vinyl, horizontal and vertical – and more!

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