Allen Roth Patio Furniture: Take The Most From Your Backyard!

I love spending time outdoor! And while fall may not be as warm as spring or summer, it still can be very pleasant to have parties in the backyard πŸ™‚ I love basking in the sun and entertaining people in my gazebo.

But sometimes you can’t fit everyone in a gazebo, so you have to shift to the patio. This is what I really enjoy! You get to have all this open space, and you get to entertain Along with this you don’t need to worry about all the interior pieces like wallpaper.

But with all these guests you are going to have over, you’ll need furniture for them to be comfortable! That brings us to my post, on what my favorite Allen Roth patio furniture pieces are!

Allen Roth Teak Deep Seating

I first found out about this piece when I visited my friend’s house in Charlotte, NC. He had his patio set up and this set of patio furniture just made his patio that much more comfortable and cozy for all his guests. I really like the teak look to this set, I think it’s very distinctive, and it goes with nearly any style.
This set, as you can see from the picture, comes with two arm chairs, a table, and a loveseat. This provides you with seating for four people, with a nice coffee table to help build the conversation around. I ended up buying this set for myself a few weeks after I saw it at my friend’s house. It was a great addition to my collection. With a reasonable price tag, you are really getting away with a lot of patio. I think anyone who purchases this piece will not be disappointed! With this piece, you won’t have to worry about buying Allen and Roth patio furniture replacement parts because this set will literally last you a lifetime!

Find the Allen Roth Teak Deep Cushion Set on!

If you want to know how to take care of your teak outdoor furniture, check out the post with care instructions.


Allen Roth Pewter Pub Set

This is another set that I found not too long ago. I found it at a design expo in Tennessee, and boy am I glad I did! I love having some variation in my furniture when it comes to design, so with that, I love the idea of a pewter set. I like pewter sets because they give you that distinctive feel, and along with that they give your house a nice style.

This pewter set is really brilliant because of the durability and the style. It is a bistro set so it includes two chairs and a table that are all pub height. It has been built with premium powder covered iron, which features weather protection which makes it suitable for a permanent outdoor setup.

The high back of these chairs is to help provide the maximum amount of comfort possible for your guests and can handle weights of 350 pounds. The great thing about this set is that you can either us it without cushions or if you want a little more comfort than you can select to use those. I think it’s great and I also suggest buying some Allen and Roth patio furniture replacement cushions so you can switch it out if they get dirty. Overall I think this pewter set is something fabulous and I thoroughly suggest it to all my friends!

Find This Allen Roth Pewter Set On Amazon!


Allen Roth Safford Swivel Bar Patio Chairs

This is not a set but rather bar patio chairs. But chairs are an important part of patio furniture, right? I think these ones will suit somebody who likes stylish comfort. Some friends of mine have these chairs. Frankly speaking, when it comes to sitting for a long time, I prefer these ones over the metal chairs like in the pewter pub set above.

The manufacturer says these chairs can hold up to 225lbs, which is quite a lot! So my friends never worry when their beloved aunt Jenny comes to visit them and sits on one of the chairs.

The only problem my friends found is that the chairs are a bit light-weight (made of aluminum). While it makes them easy to move around, a strong wind can knock them down.

Find These Allen Roth Patio Chairs On Amazon!


Allen Roth Patio Set Accessories

Now let’s take a look at the accessories you may need for your Allen Roth patio set.

Covers For Allen Roth Patio Sets & Tables

Summer passes by quickly and after having tons of fun with your patio set, you now need to store it somehow! The easiest way (and the most stylish as my wife is telling me) is to put the patio set under covers. The covers will not only protect your furniture from the harsh weather but also decorate your backyard in a new refreshing way.

Look, here I collected for you some of the Allen Roth patio sets and table covers that my friends and I have been using.

Remember that in order to see prices, simply hover the mouse over a picture or link. And check the text after the table – it has some tips for how to choose a perfect cover!

Product NameColorSize
(length x depth x height)

Lounge Pation Chair Cover
pebble/earth2 sizes available, check on Amazon

Lounge Patio Chair Cover (Set of 2)
ivory/earth31.5'' x 38.5'' x 29''

Stackable Patio Chair Cover
pebble/earth25.5" x 33.5" x 45"

Stackable Patio Chair Cover
taupe33.5" x 25.5" x 45"

Patio Bench Cover
pebble/earth3 sizes available – check on Amazon

Patio Bench Cover
ivory/earth2 sizes available, check on Amazon

Round Patio Table Cover
pebble/earth2 sizes available, check on Amazon

Patio Table & Chair Set Cover, rectangular/oval
pebble/earth3 sizes available, check on Amazon

Patio Table & Chair Set Cover, round
pebble/earth5 sizes available, check on Amazon

Table and Chair Set Patio Cover, rectangular/oval
ivory/earth2 sizes available, check on Amazon

Patio Umbrella & Frame Cover
pebble/earth2 sizes available, check on Amazon

Rule of thumb when measuring whether a cover fits your patio thing! Remember that the cover should be at least 1/2 – 1 inch bigger than the size of your piece of furniture. This does not apply for the height, though! Only for width and length. The allowance assures that you can easily put the cover on without damaging it.

For example, if your table is 100 inches long, the cover should be 101 inches long. However, if your table is 38 inches high, the cover can be shorter than that – 35 inches or even 30 inches. It just means that the table legs won’t be covered. And this is fine.

Oh yes, and when picking a cover for your patio set, don’t forget to check these things:

  • the manufacture warranty: it should be at least a few year! You do not want your cover to fall apart after only one season;
  • water-resistant materials: your cover should be made out of water-resistant fabric to prevent water leaking inside and damaging your precious patio furniture;
  • straps, cord, or any other attaching mechanism: make sure that your cover is secured and won’t be blown away by a strong wind.

Hope you found my advices useful! Want to know more? Read my post about how to choose the best patio furniture cover.

Cushions For Allen Roth Patio Chairs

Unfortunately, nothing is permanent on this Earth and even the best products get damaged. Yes, I am talking about cushions from Allen and Roth patio furniture!

Here are a few types of cushions you buy as a replacement for the damaged ones. Don’t forget to measure your furniture before buying these babies!

Product NameColorSize
(width x length x height)
2 Round Bistro Chair Cushions Many colors available, check on Amazon 15’’ x 15’’ x 4’’
Two Chair CushionsWatercolor Floral18’’ x 17’’ x 4.25’’
Deep Seat Chair Cushion, Seat + BackMany colors available, check on Amazon Seat 24’’ x 24’’ x 6.25’’
Back 24’’ x 22’’ x 7’’
Red Chair Squared CushionRedSeat 18’’ x 16.5’’ x 3’’
Back 18’’ x 20’’ x 3’’
How To Make Your Allen Roth Patio Cushions Last?

Keeping dry. First of all, I suggest you to treat your new cushions with 303 Fabric Guard spray. It will make them almost waterproof since water will simply sheet off. Also, it will be much easier to remove bird droppings – you simply wipe it away with a damp cloth.

Speaking of the bird poop… better NOT to put your patio furniture under trees where birds love to hang out as we all know.

While not in use, store your cushions in an outdoor storage chest or in a Rubbermaid deck box that can sit against the house.

Or cover when not in use. If between the hot tub, patio table, BBQ and sofa you have no room, you can buy a large piece of tarp and cover your furniture with cushions when it about to rain. Bring all your cushions on a sofa or the biggest piece of furniture and simply tuck the sides of the tarp under its legs. It is quite cost and space efficient; however, it may not be suitable if your local weather brings strong winds.

In winter, better bring cushions inside. While cold won’t hurt the cushions, critters may want to make your cushions their winter shelter. Beeeh!

Solar Landscape Lights by Allen+Roth

Are you looking for solar landscape lights made by Allen Roth? Well, I have to tell you that they do not make such lights… But I have good news for you! I found a great alternative on Amazon!

Check my post Allen and Roth Solar Landscape Lights Alternative to learn more about these beautiful lights!


Patio Umbrella: Get protected From Sun

We all like to get some sun on our skin but not when it shines right into our eyes! In this case, a patio umbrella comes to rescue.

This is a pretty solid umbrella that can serve you years to come. My friends have one and it matches perfectly well the overall classical look of Allen+Roth outdoor furniture.

The umbrella comes in several colors so it can suit pretty much any patio. Its size is good enough to sun-protect the most of your patio.

Here are the specs and the pros:

  • comes in 6 colors: beige, chocolate (above,) lime green, red, turquoise, and dark green
  • has an auto tilt system, which is very convenient to use for some of us who’s not mechanically inclined
  • it’s pretty huge! It is 9 feet in diameter and can shade a table of 42″ to 54″ size with from 4 to 6 chairs
  • the height is 8.2 feet
  • the pole is made of aluminum and is coated with a special paint preventing from rusting
  • the pole is and 1.5″ diameter and has 8 ribs; this provides stronger support than standard round poles
  • the umbrella is made of UV treated and mold-resistant polyester fabric
  • the canopy is vented to get a proper air flow

The umbrella also has some cons:

  • the umbrella base has to be ordered separately
  • the degree of tilt is not adjustable
  • some units may have smaller than advertised size – better to check right after you get it!
  • the auto tilt opening mechanism can be annoying to use

Get this patio umbrella on Amazon!

Patio Umbrella Bases

As I said above, the base has to be ordered separately. Thankfully, there is a choice of different bases matching this umbrella. You can choose a design that matches your backyard style the best!

For a classical minimalistic style, you can take a look at a round steel patio umbrella base. Here are its specs:

  • 27.4” diameter
  • 55 lbs weight
  • made of steel with anti-rust cover
  • heavy duty


If you plan to move your umbrella often, you may consider buying a sand filled umbrella base with two wheels. It can double as a planter if you fill it with soil. Here are its specs:

  • 10.2”H x 17.5”W x 17.5”L size
  • 30 lbs weight
  • made of steel with anti-rust cover
  • can be moved around thanks to the wheels
  • can be used as a planter


If you plan to move your base around but still want a minimalistic look, this square steel umbrella base stand with wheels is for you. Here are its specs:

  • 24”L x 24”W size
  • 53 lbs weight
  • has two wheels allowing to move the base when needed
  • comes with two separate poles for 1-1/2″ and 1-7/8” umbrella diameters
  • made of steel with anti-rust cover

Patio Heater: Make Patio Season Last Longer!

Want to make the patio season last longer? Then you might want to consider buying a patio heater.

Here’s one I can suggest to you:


Allen Roth Patio Furniture: Patio HeaterThis is a propane patio heater that works with a propane tank. It is great for outdoor usage! One of my friends has it and in fall when the temperature drops, we (his guests) all are so grateful to this device! It is a real fall party savior! And the style in bronze goes so well with his Allen Roth patio set.

If you are wanting to buy one too, be aware it is in not recommended to be used inside or in a gazebo. Enclosed areas may accumulate CO, a gas that is dangerous for your health. Apart from that, remember that the heater has to stay 50 inches away from any combustible materials. It could be your house walls or a patio/deck roof or gazebo. If you have no spot in your backyard that is 50” away from anything, you probably should not buy this patio heater and opt for something smaller.

Here are the characteristics of the patio heater:

  • heats the range up to 18 feet diameter around it (this comes to 46,000 BTUs or about 1,600 sq ft)
  • has a pilot-less single-stage ignition that makes it easy to be turned on
  • the reflector hood is made of aluminum
  • dimensions as following: 18” x 33” x 89”
  • the weight is 51 pounds and it makes the heater stable

The regular size gas tank lasts about 10 hours of uninterrupted heating. If you use it just for a few hours a day, the tank will last for about a month.

The heater comes in a variety of colors that would fit any patio set out there:

  • black
  • bronze (pictured above)
  • copper
  • stainless steel
  • unpainted stainless steel

Before buying anything, you should also learn about the cons of the item you buy, right? That’s why I gathered here the cons of the heater:

  • no thermostat control
  • despite its weight, it may still be a bit unstable during a strong wind
  • some units may be poorly manufactured

If you bought a heater but do now have assembling instructions, check out here (click on Product \Manual tab.)

Find This Patio Heater On Amazon!

Who Make Allen Roth Patio Furniture?

If you are looking for an answer to this question, take a look at this post. It also includes the information about the warranty andΒ where to call to if you have inquiries about the warranty.

Final Words!

As I view and try out more Allen Roth patio furniture sets and accessories, I will be sure to update this page. But, I don’t want to review products I haven’t tried in real life. When you are buying a patio set, I think it would be a great idea to buy a set of Allen Roth patio furniture covers, so that you can keep your pieces in tip-top shape! Thank you for visiting!


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