Allen Roth Gazebo Replacement Parts

Your beloved Allen Roth gazebo broke. Maybe it’s the canopy or maybe it’s the netting that got holes. Where to get the replacement parts? No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Read on and order the Allen Roth gazebo replacement parts you need!

Gazebo Replacement Canopies

Did you know that Allen Roth gazebo canopy often doesn’t last longer than 3 years or so?

You may think this is because of poor design or bad quality. In fact, it’s actually pretty normal for such product.  The canopy fabric has to stand harsh conditions including strong sun, strong winds, and heavy rains – and the manufacturer can’t really do much to protect it.

It’s not a fault of Allen + Roth that your canopy gets worn off. The manufacturer actually states that you should take off the canopy during strong weather such as rain and storms.

Allen Roth Gazebo Replacement Canopy For Beige Dome Gazebo

During the period 2010  – 2016, Lowe’s has manufactured several models of its famous popular beige dome gazebo. Overall, all models are compatible with each other; however, some parts may have different look and the newer models got some features improved.

Check what gazebo model you have and see below what canopy model you need to buy.

Canopy for Gazebo Models GF-12S004B, GF-12S004BTO

This canopy is for the Lowe’s 10×12 ft dome beige gazebo item #355094 (models GF-12S004B, GF-12S004BTO) that was sold approximately in 2010.

What you need to know first is that the Allen Roth Dome gazebo replacement canopy is sold by APEX GARDEN.

Don’t get scared off by the name!

Apex Garden is a company that has been providing replacement canopies and assorted parts for many years, which can fit some models was sold at Zellers, the Bay, Home Outfitters, Lowe’s, RONA and Giant Tiger. The beige dome gazebo is one of the models this company makes replacement parts for.

Get the replacement canopy on Amazon!

The replacement gazebo is made of UV treated polyester that is water resistant. Water resistance makes it waterproof so not a single drop of rain goes through it!

Don’t forget to take it off when a severe weather is coming to your region. This will help you to last it longer!

Canopy for Gazebo Models TPGAZ17-002, TPGAZ17-002C

This canopy is for the Lowe’s 10×12 ft dome beige gazebo item #510327 (models TPGAZ17-002, TPGAZ17-002C) that was sold approximately in 2016.

It will fit the gazebo model GF-12S004BTO as well since both models have the same compatible base. The difference is in the top vent part. This particular canopy has an additional mosquito netting on it.

The Allen Roth Dome gazebo replacement canopy is sold by APEX GARDEN. It’s not Lowe’s and it is Ok. This is a company that Lowe’s fully trusts with making replacement canopies for their Allen Roth Dome gazebos.

Get the replacement canopy for TPGAZ17-002, TPGAZ17-002C from Amazon!

The replacement gazebo is made of 100% polyester and has brown color.

Don’t forget to take it off when a severe weather is coming to your region. This will help you to last it longer!


Do not know how to install it? Check out our instructions page with a video!

Replacement Canopy For Regency II Patio Gazebo

Another popular gazebo is 10 x 12 Regency II Patio Gazebo. Its canopy top is not immune to wear and tear, alas! Good thing we can buy a replacement pretty easily 🙂

Allen Roth Gazebo Replacement Parts: Allen and Roth Gazebo Replacement Canopy for Regency II Patio GazeboThe manufacturer tried hard to make the replacement canopy last longer:

  • the fabric is treated to protect against UV to minimize the damage caused by direct sun;
  • it is water resistant to keep you and your guests dry;
  • made from durable polyester to last longer.

This is a two-tier canopy meaning the canopy has two coverings: top and bottom. To know more, read the description of two-tier canopy patent.

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Replacement Canopy For Pergola Gazebo by Lowe’s

Pergola Gazebo is 10′ x 10′ gazebo sold by Lowe’s. It features an unusually shaped rooftop that reminds of one of a pergola. Hence the gazebo name.

If you own such gazebo (model # GF-12S039B) and you are looking for a replacement canopy… well you are in luck! You can buy one here.

The replacement canopy has the following specifications:

  • made by Garden Winds, the trusted brand for replacement gazebo canopies
  • the fabric is made using Riplock 500 technology that is enhanced against ripping
  • easy to install

Don’t forget that you need to take the canopy down during the time of bad weather.

This replacement canopy is good only for the model # GF-12S039B.

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How To Fix a Ripped Allen Roth Gazebo Canopy?

Sometimes it happens that you just bought your new gazebo of canopy replacement… and the exactly next storm damaged it. What to do? Should you buy a replacement right away?

You can…

But I would suggest you try something else first. How about fixing the canopy?

There is an excellent repair solution exists, it’s called Tear-Aid and it can be used on polyester, the material the canopy is made of.

Ripped Allen Roth Gazebo Canopy: Fix with this repair kit

It is basically a heavy load sticky clear film that adheres super well to many surfaces. No need to use glue or anything else. The film can be cut with scissors.

Each kit box contains:

  • One  3″ x 12″ TEAR-AID Patch – you can cut it to any size
  • One 7/8″ x 7/8″ Patch
  • One 1 3/8″ x 1 3/8″ Patch
  • One Reinforcement Filament of 12″ length to repair tears at edges
  • Two alcohol preparation pads
  • Illustrated instructions.

The film is UV resistant and it means it won’t turn yellow after being exposed to the sun for long period. Thanks to the fact the film is clear, it will work on any color. However, it won’t seamlessly blend with dark colors – you would always see where the patch is applied.

Oh and make sure that for the canopy repair, you get the Tear-Aid Type A – only this type will work with polyester.

Get Fabric Repair Kit for polyester on Amazon!


Allen Roth Gazebo Mosquito Netting Replacement

Another popular item on the Allen Roth Gazebo replacement parts list is a mosquito netting.

With time, a mosquito netting gets torn and let annoying insects come in. I personally dislike mosquitoes a lot and in a warm season, I never leave the house without a mosquito repellent.And of course, the repellent is a must for outdoor parties, especially the night ones!

Unfortunately, no everyone can wear a repellent. My cousin Maria is allergic to the ingredients and she always has to come up with different ways of protecting her skin against little biting monsters.

Every time she comes to my outdoor party, she exclaims: “Thank god for your gazebo and its mosquito net!” and she jumps right inside and hangs out there pretty much till the end of the party. That’s why I always pay a careful attention to the net and fix it every time I find a hole.

But I am afraid that eventually, I won’t be able to patch it (kids looove playing in it and pull it in all directions!) Fortunately, I know where to order a replacement – and so do you now!

Mosquito Netting Replacement for 10′ x 12′ Gazebos

If you have a 10’x12′ gazebo, this replacement netting is for you.

Allen Roth Gazebo Replacement Parts: Allen Roth Gazebo Mosquito Netting ReplacementThe netting replacement has a great quality, judge by yourself:

  • it is made of weather-resistant and fire-retardant polyester fabric
  • the netting has zippers on each side
  • the netting dimensions are following: 12′ x 10′ x 7’2″

The mosquito net replacement comes with new hook/hangers so you are all setup once you receive your order.

Measure your gazebo before ordering the netting!
Get the 10’x12′ gazebo mosquito netting replacement on Amazon!

Mosquito Netting Replacement for 10′ x 10′ Gazebos

If you have a 10’x10′ gazebo, this replacement netting is for you.

Allen Roth Gazebo Replacement Parts: 10'x10' Allen Roth Gazebo Mosquito Netting Replacement’s take a look at its characteristics:

  • The set includes 4 zippered mosquito netting panels (nothing esle is included)
  • Each panel has a zipper so you can open all four sides
  • The netting is made of weather-resistant and fire-retardant polyester fabric
  • The color is brown for both netting and fabric trim
  • Each panel measures 10′ in length and 6’9″ in height
  • On the setup side, it’s like a shower curtain with hooks; it may require some time to install

Before ordering, make sure to double-check the size of your gazebo. Also, your gazebo must be equipped with installed curtain rods where you would hang the netting.

Get these 10′ x 10′ mosquito netting panels on Amazon!

Hooks For Gazebo Curtains And Mosquito Netting

If you are looking for replacement hooks for gazebo curtains and mosquito netting, look no more!

The hooks fit the Allen+Roth dome gazebo #355094 / 510327 that corresponds to the manufacturer’s model number GF-12S004B-1 / GF-12S004BTO. One package contains 35 plastic “J” hooks.

The hooks are sold by APEX GARDEN, a company that specializes in making replacement parts for various gazebos including the one by Allen and Roth.

Get the gazebo hooks from Amazon

Allen Roth Gazebo Replacement Bolts, Screws, Nuts, and Washers

I know how annoying it is to lose screws when you are assembling a gazebo. That’s why I prepard for you a list of replacement screws fo the gazebos. Below, yu can find a table with the gazebo model numbers and a link to buy screws, bolts, nut, and washers when applicable for each gazebo.

Gazebo descriptionModel #Replacement screws
Beige dome gazeboGF-12S004BM6 Stainless Steel Bolts with Nuts and Washers

(the table is a work in progress! If you did not find your gazebo model, check back later!)

Final Words

As you can see, Allen Roth gazebo replacement parts are very high in quality and very affordable.  I hope you have found all the allen and roth replacement parts you needed for your gazebo!