Allen Roth Curtains To Dress Up Your Windows

Allen Roth curtains, blinds, shades, and other window accessories give an appealing solution to beautify the inside of the home. They are also helping to increase the shade and privacy you get to enjoy in our home. Whatever your personal style, I certainly believe one of the many Allen Roth window treatments is able to provide the preferred look to keep light out, or let it in.

At Allen Roth, you get to choose from an array of window treatments. They range from the plain to patterned curtains to provide a warm and comfortable feel to the modern and stylish blinds for a more trendy and practical feel.

Here is an overview I have put together of the different Allen Roth window treatments on the market:

Allen Roth Curtains

Allen Roth curtains come with transitional, complementary, and comfortable designs to create the perfect look inside and out. They are also easy to care for.

The width of the curtains can vary in length from 18-95 inches, with a width from 40-59 inches, and comes in a choice of materials, include popular choices like cotton and polyester. The curtains from Allen Roth are intended for residential use.

The range of Allen Roth curtains is made in virtually every color imaginable with some of the more popular choices. he choices include off-white, blue, brown, gray, green, red, while, gold, and black. Beside the plain colors, the curtains also come with pattern styles like checked, floral, and striped.

Other attractive features of the curtains include energy saving, light control, lining, and various top treatments.

Whether you are looking to hang the plain or paisley styled curtains, Allen Roth is in a position to provide an attractive line of curtains to make sure the window is left well-dressed.

Pros of the Allen and Roth curtains

  • Inexpensive

  • Stylish and high-quality

  • Rich colors


  • Grommets not the strongest

  • Hems can be irregular.

Allen and Roth Blinds

The faux woods or plastic Allen Roth blinds present a perfect solution for the modern home to control the light entering the home or increasing the level of privacy.

The Allen Roth blinds come in a choice of size solutions including 26.5 x 64 inches, 29.5 x 64 inches and 34.5 x 64 inches, and are designed to be easy to lift and lower with the option to simply raise the bottom rail. A great benefit of this is the ability to avoid the use of pulls cords that often get quite tangled after a few uses.

For those with the more unique sized window, the blinds are easily cut or shortened to a specific size to match the window treatment needs. Plus, the size of the slats can vary from 1-2-1/2 inches with the large slats perfect for those wishing to increase outside viewing.

Color choices are wide-ranging and include the popular shades like white, light brown and dark brown to make it possible to blend in with virtually all existing décor arrangements.

Great features of the blinds include the tilt wand to control the degree of privacy and light permitted at any time of the day or night.

Ream more about Allen Roth blinds!

Curtain rods

Available in multiple styles, the Allen Roth curtain rod is an attractive and stylish addition to the home. Each of the traditional to contemporary rods in the Allen Roth collection is made in a durable metal material to give long-term strength and performance.

The length of the different curtain rods is 36-72 inch and 72-144 inch with a 1 inch diameter, which should make it possible to mount the curtain above nearly every window in the home.

The rod materials include aged-bronze, antique-pewter, specialty bronze and satin-nickel to give a classic to decorative finish.

For the extras like the coordinating hold backs it is necessary to buy these separately because they don’t come as standard with the product.

Plus the rods are supplied with all mounting hardware to make the installation process a quick and simple process.

Pros of the Allen and Roth curtain rods

  • High strength and durable

  • Great value for money

  • Easy assembly


  • The supplied screws aren’t very long

  • The material is easy to scratch

Allen & Roth Roman shades

The classic Roman shades are a popular style of window treatment to aid in light control and beautify your windows. The classic Allen and Roth roman shades come in a soft fabric material with horizontal ribs that fold up when the shade is pulled up. To increase the ability to complement the different decor arrangements, the Roman shades come in a choice of fabrics, including solar screen, room-darkening, and decorative.

Plus, for greater variety Allen and Roth has even included a choice of styles: looped style or flat-fold style. The traditional flat-fold style provides a subtle, flat look when in position, while the looped style is able to maintain a cascading look when the shade is in its lowered position. Plus, color choices include brown, gray, blue, white, and gold.

Other styles of this type of window treatment include the Cassette Roman Shades and Natural Roman-Fold Shades. The difference between the classic and cassette roman shades is that the cassette shades come with a fabric covered headrail to conceal the shade once it is rolled up. This style of shade comes in a choice of decorative fabric which is easily combined with a room-darkening or light filtering rear liner.

For the natural and casual feel to the home the natural roman-fold shades come in a variety of renewable materials, such as jutes, reeds, bamboo, or grasses. Because of the use of natural materials, each of the blinds is unique and varies in relation to its color which is usually dark to start but will start to fade over time when exposed to sunlight.

Pros of the Allen and Roth roman shades

  • GREENGUARD certified
  • Minimal care
  • Trouble-free performance
  • Easy assembly


  • No lining

Final words

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