Allen Roth Closet: Stylish Place For Your Clothes

How to pick the right Allen Roth closet? A spacious and well-made closet is a practical solution to organize all types of clothes, shoes, or similar accessories. It also ensures the wardrobe potential is fully maximized. Plus, it makes sure the items are kept neat and ready to wear at any time.

Now that we are ready to install a closet system, it is crucial to invest in the right built-in storage piece. A closet system must come with a variety of essential elements. These can be hanging rods (an ideal length is at least 48 inches) and multiple shelves and drawers in different sizes – all to match your specific needs. Closet layouts can also vary and come in an array of sizes and colors to match the existing space in the bedroom or walk in closet area.

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Before you start the shopping process it helps to have an idea of the different types of closets.

A standard style of closet is the reach-in which has a depth in the region of 24-30 inches and 3-8 feet in width. This is a great choice for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, and hallways.

A walk-in has the ability to provide more space and depth compared to the traditional reach-in. This style of closet is a popular choice for the larger bedroom suites and gives great storage and versatility opportunities. While the walk-ins and reach-ins are the main types of closets, other options to include throughout the home include linen, hall, pantry, and utility closets.

Allen Roth Closet: What style is best?

The Allen Roth closet system is a free standing design to give great flexibility in the home. This style of closet is perfect to install in a small bedroom or in a walk-in to provide further organized space. There are two styles of closet: a solid closet tower (solid sides and back panel) or a ventilated closet tower (open back panel and ventilated sides). Plus, each of the closets has three expandable poles for ease in hanging a good amount of clothes.

How to choose the perfect closet system

With a little planning, a well-chose Allen Roth closet system is certain to help maximize the available storage space. The preferred closet must be chosen based on its overall size and dimension and ability to complement the existing decor. Each Allen Roth closet organizer system is sized 6.83 feet in height and 8 feet in width (with the rods fully extended). The solid closet towers are more practical for the traditional style, while the ventilated edition of the closet can provide a modern touch to the home.

How to install an Allen Roth Closet system

The Allen Roth closet comes in kit form, which means it is designed to be self-installed once it arrives at home. For ease in installing the closet kit it comes with step-by-step instructions and an estimated installation time of 120 minutes. By following the instructions, this closet should go together beautifully with no major difficulties. Even though it is possible to get this kit set up by one person, it generally benefits to having an extra pair of hands to manhandle this piece of furniture into place.

What colors are Allen Roth Closets?

To make it easier to install a premium closet solution in the home it helps if furniture manufacturers produce a range of styles and colors. Allen Roth has taken this point into consideration and created closets in a choice of light and dark colors: white, java, and rustic grey (sable color has been discontinued.) Java is a shade of dark brown more suitable for a classic design while rustic grey is a stylish color that fits well with modern design. The rods or similar hardware of the closet comes in satin nickel.

What parts make up the closet system?

The ready-to-install Allen Roth closet organizer includes multiple individual parts, including:

  • Solid or ventilated closet tower x1
  • Raised panel drawer kit x1
  • 9-slot shoe divider x1
  • 3 feet solid or ventilated shelves x2
  • Expandable closet poles x3

The choice of installing the solid or ventilated closet system comes down to personal preference and its ability to complement the surrounding pieces of furniture.

Does this closet system have a solid construction?

The Allen Roth closet system is made of solid wood with a multi-step furniture grade finish for a strong and reliable piece of furniture. Items of hardware like the rods are in satin nickel while the drawer glides, shelf braces, etc are in metal.

Pros and cons of the Allen Roth Closets

When it comes to installing the new closet space in the home, you really need to look at the pros and cons of the preferred style of closet. By taking into account the pros and cons it is possible to increase the chance of investing in the right furniture pieces to help store and organize all your clothes, footwear, and related accessories.


  • Touch-up pen – Each of the Allen Roth closet systems comes complete with a touch-up pen for ease in concealing the small scratch marks. Even if a small scratch is found on a newly purchased closet, it is generally more beneficial to use a touch-up pen to quickly hide the marks than to break down and return the furniture. Also, should the closet veneer get damaged at a later date, provided the scratches are small they should be easy to hide to leave the closet looking like-new once again.
  • Easy to assemble – Even those with minimal do-it-yourself skills shouldn’t have much difficulty in installed this piece of furniture at home. All of the main components are clearly marked and it comes complete with a great set of simple to follow instructions.


  • Color – for the white Allen Roth closet organizer the color doesn’t always appear brilliant white and can seem closer to cream or ivory. If planning to install this closet in a bedroom or walk-in to match specific colors it might benefit to inspect the color in the store to ensure you aren’t left disappointed.
  • Strong smell – Similar to a lot of new purchases the Allen Roth closet seems to hold a strong smell that can linger for 7-10 days or longer, but will slowly start to fade.


Allen Roth closet is a practical solution to organize your clothes as well as shoes and other accessories. It helps to maximize your wardrobe potential and keep your item wrinkle free and fresh. An easy installation does not require special skills and can be done by a DIY beginner. The colors the closet kit comes in fit well a big variety of interior designs starting from classic ones and up modern ones. Allen Roth closet is my way to go!

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