Allen Roth Canyon Ridge

If you are looking for the replacement parts for your Canyon Ridge fire pit, check out my post dedicated to this subject where I share secret places where to buy them.

Keep The Fire Burning With Allen Roth Canyon Ridge
The column is breathing fire. This may cause you to panic, but scrutinizing it very well it is just an ordinary Allen Roth Canyon ridge that you saw standing in one of the shops in the mall. It seemed unexciting when you previously saw it, but now with the fire shooting up on top of the column, you are seeing it in a brand new light.

As documented in history, the main reason why equipment such as canyon ridge or more commonly known as fire pits are created are basically to contain the fire.

As time goes on, so does the different discoveries in science. They bring us well-created pits that have several functions and styles. There are those that are being used for camp and produces fire, but with little or sometimes no smoke at all. There are those who are very light and can be transferred from one place to another. This is because of the main component which is carbon steel that also makes it last even for a number of decades.

One of the most popular stainless steel burners is the Allen Roth Canyon Ridge, which is 19 inches in width and has a propane gas fire column. It has lava rocks and equipped with PVC cover to ensure that you are protected. Compared to the other fire pits here twigs are being placed in the hole to generate fire, it is the lava rocks that make it possible together with the liquid propane. This is also the same kind of gas that is used by gas grills.

The temperature is the driving factor for this and cannot be used interchangeably with propane vapor. There are different points to be remembered in using this Allen Roth Canyon Ridge. First, you have to make sure that it is stored in a place there is no direct sunlight. Second, for safety purposes, when storing it indoors, you have to ensure that the propane tank must be disconnected from the fire bowl.

Another one of the Allen Roth Canyon Ridge that is available in the market is the 36.6-inch Canyon Ridge. It provides the warm ambiance through a stylish and easy to operate control knob. The look is completed with the black granite top and has a stainless steel burner. The maximum burn time of the 20-pound tank reaches 15 hours. This makes it very economical, especially when not used frequently. The 2 available canyon ridged are reasonably priced while not compromising the durability and the practicability when it comes to user friendliness.   Moreover, since this kind of fire pit is light in weight families who live near each other can borrow it depending on who needs it.

To achieve the quality fire pit that you are looking for, the best kind is at Allen Roth. The stylish design will leave you wanting to immediately take it home. More than this the safety feature which is essential is top of the line since it comes with safety combination to prevent accidents from happening especially with a household who has children.

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  1. In reading reviews & comments, I read that it shouldn’t be stored in direct sunlight. Why? Our gas grill stays out in the sun all day. I thought this was similar to a gas grill that uses a propane tank. Before ordering, I would love to know the answer. Thanks.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for your question.
      It is a precaution measure.
      Gas expands when being heated and it can lead to explosion if the cylinder is heated up to a certain temperature. Thus, storing it in direct sunlight may not be very safe. I think the same rule is applied to your gas grill propane tank.
      It all depends on the climate you live in, of course.
      Hope it was helpful.

  2. I have one of your gas fire pits and the connector between the hose to the pit and the hose to the gas tank broke. Can I order just the connector?

  3. Lowe’s Item
    Mfr Part #

    i have the above fire pit … I never recieved the cover when i bought it from lowes.. I lost the reciept and because i paid cash they say they cannot help me … now i am forced to purchase a cover for it again but they say i can only get it direct from the mfr .. so can i order the cover for this product please . how much and how do i pay .. thank you.. Mike

  4. I bought an Allen + Roth fire pit 2 years ago. Some of the base parts rusted out so I contacted you to get replacement parts. I ordered the support base piece (383766-FF and charcoal grid (383766-C) I received ONLY the charcoal grid and the “M6 Ring Screw” but was billed for a the support base w/ hardware package and the charcoal grid. Is the ring screw what you call a hardware package? I called and spoke w/ Robin on 9/27/16 who gave me a reference # and said someone would contact me in 3-4 days. Now 10 days later I’ve heard from no one so I called again and just got the run around. I promise I will never again purchase Allen+

  5. I purchased a 19.5″ column fire put. The cover has ripped and I would like to purchase a replacement. Can you help?

  6. looking for a replacement cover for the roth allen canyon ridge firepit Item 472963 (lowes)

  7. The lava rock has been exploding in our new fire pit. Can we use glass in it and do you have install instructions for that.

  8. Brett,

    I sent you an email but it was returned undeliverable.

    Please reply to this message.

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: John Lydon
    Date: October 21, 2015 at 1:21:50 PM EDT
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Allen Roth Fire Pit


    A couple of years ago we purchased an Allen Roth Fire Pit at Lowes.

    The product.
    Slate Fire Pit 36″ Square
    Lowe’s item no. 0308660
    Model no. L-FT386PST-4

    Last winter the bowl rusted out and the screen has holes in it where fire burned through the mesh. The cover didn’t even last 1 season.

    Can these parts be replaced?

    John Lydon
    [email protected]
    803 831 8496

    1. Hey John,
      I apologize for a delayed reply.
      Brett is not available, and I will reply to your question.
      Unfortunately it seems that Lowe’s does not sell replacement parts for their fire pits.
      You can try to get a fire pit screen from a different brand, for example, this one from Amazon:
      Sunnydaze Square Fire Pit Spark Screen, 36 Inch x 36 Inch (affiliate link)
      Before buying, I strongly advice to double check the measurements of the pit to make sure the screen fit.

      As of taking care of the fire pit, it is recommended to store it in a dry place or use a cover to protect it against the weather.

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