Allen and Roth Solar Landscape Lights Alternative

Allen + Roth products are simply amazing! Always have been a huge fan of the company, I’ve been trying to decorate my backyard in the style of Allen and Roth by Lowe’s.

I was looking for some outdoor patio lights to light up some areas behind my house. Something like Allen and Roth solar landscape lights would be perfect! Too bad Allen + Roth doesn’t offer any. Instead, I found some amazing solar path lights from Enchanted Spaces that I think will look perfect! You guys, these lights are seriously stunning. I am so excited to share them with you in this blog post!

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Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights

These solar lights are gorgeous! Look for yourself:

Allen and Roth Solar Landscape Lights alternative: Enchanted Spaces lights

They come in a set of 6 and have a nice bronze tone to them. The spiral star-shaped pattern that is emitted by these lights at night is beautiful. I think this is my favorite part about these lights. Walking out and seeing such wonderful star patterns in my yard gets me every time. The lights themselves have a fun little spiral pattern to them, also. These lights are extremely aesthetically pleasing! They are not only beautiful, but they’re also environmentally friendly. Now you won’t have to feel guilty about having such beautiful outdoor lights.

Solar Path Light Specs

These solar path lights will turn on automatically at night. This is great because you won’t have to worry about turning them on or off. The LED bulb that is included in these lights is designed to last for years. Each light is constructed in a sturdy manner, and comes with a 100% guarantee from the company. If a light bulb goes out, simply ship your light back to the company and they will replace the bulb for free.

The lights measure at 16″ x 4.5″. This is the perfect size, as it is not too big and not too small. These lights will look charming when placed along a pathway in your backyard, or around a flower garden.

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Pros of the Solar Path Lights

The solar path lights have a lot of positives to them. So, I’ve put together this list of pros!

  • Solar power charges these lights. This makes them eco-friendly.
  • The light comes out in a beautiful star-designed pattern.
  • There’s an on/off switch on the lights. This is in case you want to save battery.
  • No wires! This makes installation a breeze!
  • The lamps come with LED lights and LED lights last forever. (Or, at least for years!)
  • Also, the bronze color of these lights goes with a lot of outdoor decor.
  • No glass! The domes are plastic, which is safer. The lights themselves are made out of metal, which makes them sturdy and durable.

Cons of the Solar Path Lights

There are a few negatives to these solar path lights. I want to make sure I inform you of both positives and negatives. Here are the downsides to these solar path lights.

  • Replacement of bulbs is not possible. If a bulb goes out, you can’t buy a replacement bulb for it. Instead, you have to ship the light back to the company. The company will replace the bulb, or send you a new light.
  • Also, the lights are fragile. Some people have reported accidentally snapping the lights. Since these solar path lights aren’t very expensive, it makes sense that they might not be the sturdiest options out there.
  • Finally, the bulbs are not super reliable. If you have a very sunny day, the lights will shine brightly all night. However, if you had a cloudy day, the lights may not have absorbed enough energy to power the lights for the entire night.

Final Words

I just can’t get enough of these solar path lights!

Not only are they environmentally friendly since they are powered by the sun, but they’re also beautiful. The light that comes out of them is in the shape of a star, or spiral, and will “wow” you and your backyard guests. The bronze color of the light is stunning and rustic. Though these ones are not Allen and Roth solar landscape lights but they match the overall design of Allen Roth perfectly (from my point of view.)

The downsides to these lights are few, and mainly involve sending the light back to the company if it is broken.

These lights are available on Amazon for you to purchase and use in your own yard. Don’t just take my word for it, find out how amazing these lights are for yourself!

Get these solar path lights on Amazon!

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