12 Simple Home Improvements That Transform Your Home

12 Simple Home Improvements That Transform Your Home

If you want to update your house but don’t want to spend loads of time or money on big projects, then consider our simple home improvement ideas to transform your house for less.

Here is the list:

Paint old furniture

Give old furniture a new lease of life by giving it a makeover. Brighten up an old side table or distress a set of draws to give them a rustic, vintage feel. You could paint all the doors in your house instead of replacing them, just ensure you keep it consistent and choose a colour that works for every room. Make sure to do a bit of research first, so you avoid mistakes others have made.

Recycle old wine crates 

One quirky way to save money is to recycle old wine crates. These can be used as side tables or footstools, or if you add a cushion, they can create extra seating for your living room.

Upgrade your bed

You don’t need to buy a whole new bed to give your bedroom the facelift it needs. Consider investing in a new headboard, or painting an old one, or buy a new mattress or duvet. Even just buying a new duvet cover, or adding cushions and a throw to your bed will freshen up the room. Stick to one colour scheme and add some wall art, lamps or new furniture to match.

12 Simple Home Improvements That Transform Your Home - upgrade your bed

Upgrade your lighting

Modern lighting can completely change the feel of a room, whether you opt for a soft glow for the living room or brighter spot lights for the kitchen. Switch to energy saving bulbs which can be cheaper in the long run, and are better for the environment.

Hire professional cleaners

Addressing stains as soon as they occur can reduce the need for professional cleaners, but if you’re starting to think your whole house is looking a bit lack lustre, don’t immediately buy new carpets, but consider hiring professional cleaners. They can freshen up the appearance of your whole house and prevent you buying a whole new set of carpets. Make sure to shop around and ask for a few quotes so you are getting the most for your money.

Test your upholstery skills

Try modernizing furniture by adding new fabric and making your own unique piece. There are countless tutorials on YouTube to guide you, or you could follow an upholstery guide. Make sure not to buy fabric that costs more than a new chair would and always buy extra fabric just in case.

12 Simple Home Improvements That Transform Your Home - upholstering

Upgrade door handles

This suggestion may seem small and insignificant but upgrading your door hands can make a big difference to the feel of a house. Again try to keep it consistent throughout your house and choose a style that works in all your rooms.

Repair your roof

Improve the appearance of your home from the outside by repairing the roof or opting for a new roof style entirely. Try to stay in keeping with your area, but a new roof can transform a home. Search for roofing repair companies near me for a quote today.

Decorate the walls

If you’ve been meaning to put up artwork and family photos since you moved in, then don’t put it off any longer. Decorating the walls can make your house feel more personal and unique.

Add storage to your hallway

Often the hallway is a more neglected room of the house so adding a few personal touches can make your home more inviting, after all this is the first room of your house guests will see. Adding a storage unit, is a great functional use of the space and will help you to keep your shoes and coats neat and tidy. Add a tray for dropping keys in, and a notepad and pen will always come in handy too.

Make your fireplace more energy efficient

It’s no secret that homes lose a considerable amount of heat from fireplaces, but how can you prevent it? Opt instead for a gas or wood-burning insert, which allows you to maintain the traditional feature, while saving a lot of energy.

12 Simple Home Improvements That Transform Your Home - fireplace

Revamp your stairway

Add a touch of personality and drama to your staircase by adding more distinctive railings. You could even add embellishments to the wood to make your hallway a little more interesting and inviting.

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12 Simple Home Improvements That Transform Your Home